Council invoices over £500 published

DID you know that Catch 22 were paid £85,000 in December for their work with the Family Intervention Team? Or that Donyland Lodge received £25k, Alberphil training: £533; Amy Weir and associates: £1,127; DC Dance Studios: £5k; Festive Impact Ltd £8,500?

Did you know that Inspiration Supported Lodgings were paid nearly £7,000 in respect of child refugees’ Morrison Facilties Services, £250,000, Mucky Pups £1,375; The Lightbulb Ltd £25k.

Thurrock Council has published details of every invoice it has paid (over £500 exclusive of VAT) since the beginning of April 2010.

The amounts shown cover everything from payments to other government and public sector bodies and payments to third party service providers, as well as travel and subsistence claims, rent and business rates, and credit notes.

However some information will be replaced with the word “redacted” — this could include payments to individuals from a legal process.

Under the Data Protection Act, the council also cannot publish some specific information such as salary payments to staff, pension and national insurance contributions and severance payments.

By going to the council’s website ( visitors will be able to see everything from when the invoice was put into the council’s financial system, to the supplier’s name as recorded in the system.

The directorate responsible for the expenditure is also identified and a brief description of the goods and services received is given, as well as individual transaction amounts for each invoice. All recoverable VAT has been excluded.

The provision of this data follows the Local Government Spending Guidance recommendations published by the government in September 2010 and Thurrock plans to update the system monthly from now on, no later than 30 days after a month’s end.

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