Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Katie Price: Wows Lakeside

PERSONALITIES such as Katie Price attract a huge amount of attention. The press were there in their droves to capture Katie as she was embroiled in another marital meltdown. Some looked at the queues of fans who congregated outside Debenhams and wondered what it was about the model formerly known as Jordan that caused such adulation amongst a variety of people.

The answer perhaps lay in the fact that once she turned up, Katie spent hours signing her product and speaking to her fans. Say what you like but Ms Price understands her fans and their power to make her or break her. That is the secret. She didn’t become a millionairess by winning the lottery: she did so by understanding the market.

A few years ago, we asked a Cliff Richard fan (who had camped out all night), why they continued to worship him. They replied: “Because he will never let me down.” We think, the same could be applied to Katie P.


  1. What exactly does KP do? She is not an actress or a singer, has very little personality, unless you call slagging off her former husband in front of the cameras, ‘personality’. She rose to fame by having two massive mammaries and showing them off for money – nothing wrong with that, but it’s hardly a talent is it.


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