Tuesday, May 28, 2024

MP asks PM for Royal Wedding street parties

Stephen Metcalfe (South Basildon and East Thurrock, Conservative)

Please may I ask the Prime Minister to encourage local councils to look favourably and flexibly on community groups that wish to have roads closed to hold street parties to celebrate the forthcoming royal wedding?

David Cameron (Prime Minister; Witney, Conservative)

“I will certainly do that. I know that, outside some of the large trade unions that fund the Opposition, everyone wants to have a real celebration for the Olympics, the diamond jubilee and the royal wedding, and I think we should certainly make it easier for people to close streets and have street parties.


  1. I’m glad that while everyone is suffering high fuel prices, an increase in VAT, rail fares increase and thousands of council workers in Thurrock are worrying about their jobs, Mr Metcalfe is concentrating on the issues that really matter… Yet another PMQ Mr Metcalfe has asked without mentioning his constituents.

  2. Dear RCB,

    “Mr Metcalfe is concentrating on the issues that really matter”

    I believe that this issue is something that really matters….it could be argued that one of the reasons we all feel so defeated by the risign costs of…well just about everything…is that we feel that we are somehow in it all alone. I am certainly no royalist, but I intend on using the opportunity to bring my local community together for the day.

    The purpose would not simply be to have a good time, although I certainly hope we do, the longer term purpose might be that through new or rekindled friendships and shared memories (some of us can remember other significant royal occasions), we might build something which is more valuable than our cumulative possessions and create an antidote to the woes of this world, or even better a force to counteract them altogether.

    Sorry for the hypothetical ideology!


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