Titan Lorry Park: Stop means stop!

IT IS quite a feat that the newspapers have gone almost two weeks without making any mention of lorry parks in any shape or form.

But the controversy over Titan Lorry Park in Oliver Road, West Thurrock was re-ignited last night at the Thurrock Council Planning Committee when the committee voted unanimously to investigate further a report into the feasibility of a Stop Notice in relation to the lorry park.

Last year, Thurrock Council issued a 28 day planning enforcement over the use of the area as a lorry park.

Chair of Planning, cllr Terry Hipsey said: “Nearly 2000 people have signed a petition asking for action in relation to the unauthorised use of the site.

“We have to make sure that these people know that we mean business. This company appear to take the council’s views lightly.”

Officers have been tasked with compiling a report to be tabled at the next meeting on February 1st.

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