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Courtney’s Blog: Choose your Fate: Escape The Fates long awaited London takeover.

CHAFFORD Hundred student reviews Escape the Fates concert at the O2 Academy on the 14th and 16th of January.

Last night was Escape The Fates, long awaited gig after not playing in England for over a year. Both intimate gigs were scheduled for the sixth and seventh of December. But because of Max Green (bassist for ETF) having to check into rehab from November to December it was suddenly posted on social sites that the shows were off.

Fans of course feared that it would be cancelled and another long wait would take place. Although, thankfully the gigs were rescheduled for last night and Sunday. (14th and 16th of January.)

Both shows were completely sold out, and four days prior to the first gig, the supporting acts were announced, a band called Blitz Kids, and My Passion. The gig was held at the o2 academy, at the Angel.

My Passion are a band formed that formed in Hertfordshire, and have toured with the likes of Kill Hannah, Jeffree Star and various others.
Queuing up to get in to the gig, the atmosphere was mild, slightly disappointed that the pre show mood was a little regular, after just under an hour, we were finally allowed in.

Escape the Fate are a Las Vegas (Nevada) band formed in 2004, they’ve released several EPS, their debut album was sung by Radke but he was kicked out due to problems with the band. Craig Mabbitt has been the bands lead singer since 2008. Their self titled album (Escape The Fate) was released on November 2nd 2010.

After a little while of waiting for the first act, people came on and made sure the instruments were all tuned. Assuming they were the stage crew, everyone who didn’t know them, seemed shocked when they started singing. Obviously this band was Blitz Kids, they had a short set, and unfortunately they couldn’t really entertain the crowd, they didn’t put on much show and after about four or five songs they went off.

Then after around 15 minutes, the second supporting act My Passion came on. My Passion have a very big fan base around the London area, but where the gig was sold out before hand, not many had the opportunity to get tickets or attend.

The crowd was a bit mixed, one side was rocking out to them, where for example, the people behind me was unimpressed with them.

After seeing My Passion support Kill Hannah in May, I was really looking forward to seeing them again. They managed to entertain the crowd perfectly, and actually managed to put on a good show, around four songs in Laurence René, (lead singer of My Passion) crowd surfed, ignoring the signs that covered the wall saying specifically not to crowd surf. The crowd went mad, everyone attempting to grab him, and everyone was sort of pushed and shoved. After singing around eight songs, (including Day of the Bees, Crazy and Me and Asleep in the Asylum), they too went off.

The atmosphere was finally how it should be, people chanting ‘Choose your fate’, repeatedly (the first intro song on their album) and then other were singing along to various songs.

After about forty minutes, the lights finally dimmed and the song ‘Choose your fate’ was being played over the speakers. The crowd went crazy, the first real time everyone in the room went mad.

Mid way through just their first song, the crowd suddenly turned into, what can only be described as a giant mosh pit, and my friend who was with me, was knocked to the ground. Instinctively reaching to grab her up, more people were pushing their way closer, and someone else fell on her. Thankfully the guy behind us was quick and sort of picked up the girl on her, while I helped Lily up. (Note to readers, if you don’t like people touching you/you are claustrophobic, I’d wait and youtube clips of the gig the next day!)

The crowd was going wild, and after Craig thanked everyone for turning up, talking about Max, and how grateful the band was, they went into what I can only say was an amazing set list. Not just playing their new album, but a mixture, including ten miles wide, the flood and zombie dance. They even played situations, which people weren’t really expecting (written by ETF’s old lead Singer Ronnie Radke), after a few slow songs, like ‘something’. Craig started talking about the song ‘day of wreckoning’ about how it was for him trying to follow his dream, and then how everyone should follow theirs, no matter what people said.

The next few songs were played and then the band went off and the stage went completely dark. People started screaming, chanting for the song ‘Guillotine’ to be played. Then suddenly, like an eruption, the band was back on stage singing ‘this war is ours’ and everyone, knowing this would be one of the last songs, took this opportunity to have one last time in the mosh pit. Everyone jumping, screaming along, while the cameras kept flashing, peoples last chance to take photos and videos.

Once the band had got of stage, everyone started descending, buzzing over the set list and laughing. Then for some reason everyone turned around to see Robert Ortiz (drummer) and Max dancing around on stage and cheering as Ortiz threw his drum sticks into the crowd.

Following the crowds through to the merch stall and exist, I can honestly say it was one of the best gigs I’ve been to, and probably will go to. I was slightly worried, as I was told they wasn’t good live, but they sounded as though they did on their albums, they put on a show. They kept the crowd entertained. And although probably everyone there left with bruises and muscle aches, they can honestly say every pain and mark was 100% worth it.


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