UKIP blast MP over Europe

Letter to the Editor:

Thurrock’s MP Jackie Doyle Price let down her constituents last night by failing to support an amendment that would have given the British people a referendum on who governs Britain, the Parliament at Westminster or the European Union.

That she would rather vote to give us a referendum on fiddling the electoral system than give us the right to govern ourselves shows how out of touch she is with the voters.

Polls continuously show that the public want a referendum on the European Union, with most recent surveys showing that the British people would vote to leave and end our payments of £48 million a day to Brussels.  Yes we want trade with the EU, but we want our laws to be made in Westminster.  Is that too much to ask for?

What does Jackie Doyle-Price have to fear by letting us have our say on the European Union?


Tim Aker

Thurrock and Basildon branch, UK Independence Party

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