Monday, February 26, 2024

Apprentices and training at Orsett Hall

CAMPION student Joshua Taylor has been impressing all and sundry at Orsett Hall over the last few weeks. He is spending his time on work experience at the prestigious hotel and that means learning everything. Serving, answering phones, more serving, cleaning and making sure he is learning all the time. It isn’t easy but Josh seems to be enjoying it and he is greatly helped under care of Nicola Haynes.

Downstairs at the Sitting Rooms Salon, Sheree Hambelton is a full fledged trainee. Former William Edwards student started off on work experience under the expert guidance of proprietors Kate and Kelly. She is now their full time apprentice, on the road to becoming a full time hair stylist.

As part of our coverage of National Apprenticeship Week, we interviewed Joshua, Nicola and Sheree.

For further details of all that is on offer at Orsett Hall, go to


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