Grays firefighter re-instated

A FIREFIGHTER has been reinstated on appeal after evidence came to light that his trade union had provided him with bad advice which had a material impact on the decision to dismiss him.

Following the appeal hearing today, the firefighter was told he can return to work.

In a statement issued today, the Service said that it was unable to give precise details of the case because of the confidential nature of the relationship between an employer and its employee.

But it is of grave concern that an individual’s career and livelihood was almost brought to an end by what appeared to be woefully inadequate advice from a trade union official, the Service said.

“All parties concerned are glad that the matter has been resolved and we all wish to get on with our business of delivering a professional fire and rescue service,” said a spokesman for ECFRS.

The appeal hearing was presented with fresh information which, after careful consideration, it believed would be unfair not to take into account and as a result, held it just and equitable in all circumstances to amend the original decision to dismiss.

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