Thursday, May 30, 2024

New sign for North Stifford

THE North Stifford Village Community Group has received a grant of £3500 from the Veolia Mardyke Trust.

This means the group can now proceed with the manufacture of a village sign for North Stifford Village.

The proposed site for the village sign is on the corner of the village green and Sherwood.

They hope to have the sign installed by 1st July when they will have an unveiling ceremony and a barbecue evening of celebration.

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  1. What a waste of resource, this is a village who don’t want traffic coming through it and create so many obstacles to stop traffic! Now they want a sign advertising it’s cricket pitch, because if it was a proper village sign, it would be at each end of the village, one at the roundabout junction to A13and one at the junction of Pilgrims Lane and stifford hill! Have Veolia Mardyke Trust gone bloody mad, what a waste?

  2. I agree with you nitewolf, it just goes to show the deep comtept our good old Cllr Charlie Curtis as for hes own people in the Belhus Ward, just think what he could have spent his money on, new signs for a forest walks in and around the Mardyke area, Easter Eggs for all the residents along the Stifford Road area, who have to put up with Noise Pollution and Air Pollution on a 24/7 basis.
    Just to let you know, Mr Charle Curtis is the Chairperson of Veolia Mardyke Trust, he is also supposed to be the councillor in the Belhus Ward, thats the area he never goes to, or never helps the residents along the Stifford Road area, other than to accuse them of being Liars and Law breakers, he as never apoligised to us the (374 on the petition) for telling blatant lies at meetings and for bending the truth when it helped him, until it got caught out, can this be the man everybody on the SORA committee calls, GOOD OLD CHARLIE, the people who have got to vote for a new councillor, wont be saying good old charlie anymore, it will be proberly be, THANKS FOR NOTHING, I say vote TORY in the Belhus Elections..


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