Thursday, September 28, 2023

Desktop makes Ormiston tip-top in revision programme

WHEN it comes to learning, today’s Ormiston Park Academy kids have easy access to technology, unlike perhaps previous generations of OPA students.

Since we are living in the days of modern technology there are a lot of portable Tablet PC’s that are designed for kids, and of course OPA have invested in a good few for their students.

Tablet PC offer interesting features that are similar to a regular PC gadget, though it is much handy and can place anywhere. It provides fun and educational games and children can do plenty of research.

Therefore OPA staff have decided to trial a number of net-books/tablets to use, to enhance learning and promote mobile 24/7 studies. They plan to issue these devices (plus a dongle) to students preparing for their GCSEs and monitor their use over a three-month period prior to their summer exams.

There will be a minimum expectation of four hours on line revision/preparation time each week using such sites as SAM Learning, Mymaths and Edexel’s results, plus other booster sites. Parents will be required to ensure it has been sensibly used and SAM Learning will monitor the daily use and by this monitoring, they can guarantee that 10 hours of work on the site can improve student outcomes by 1 grade.

Huw Derrick, Vice Principal at Ormiston Park Academy has already used a number of tablets in his winter exam maths booster lessons, “It bolstered my own efficiency and the quality of my teaching. My students were able to explore a variety of teaching resources, and because it’s so easy to use, it enables me to keep more of an accurate record of pupils’ progress. I can also wander round the classroom, jotting down assessment notes while observing a pupil’s ability.”

Ormiston Park Academy are highly hopeful that the extra 60 hours of work our students will undertake might make a difference to their overall GCSE results, and believe the investment will be well worth it.


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