Four primary heads face an apocalypse

IT WAS probably not how the four heads of Thurrock primary schools wanted to spend their Friday night but they attended the meeting of the Thurrock Council cabinet where they received the bad news that the council could not give them the guarantees regarding the future of their schools that they were looking for.

Abbots Hall primary, Arthur Bugler Junior and Infants and Graham James primary have seen their school rolls fall for a number of years now. The schools are in extremely close proximity to each other with a number of them sharing the same school playing fields.

The four heads stat grim faced as leader of the Conservative group, cllr Garry Hague asked portfolio holder Diana Hale “What are the local authorities’ plans for the four schools and the site that incorporates Arthur Buglar and Graham Jones schools (sic)?”

The portfolio holder explained that all the schools had an oversupply of places, (something that was pointed out by Ofsted) and so no guarantees could be made.

With several developers having expressed an interest in the land, it seems only a matter of time before a major restructuring of primary education takes place in Stanford-le-Hope with many believing that the schools will merge into one.

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