Police: Still no decision over councillor and ‘race hate’ e-mail

SUSPENDED Belhus councillor Sue Gray continues to be left in limbo weeks after being suspended over a “race-hate” e-mail controversy.

Essex Police have confirmed that they are still in discussions with the Crown Prosecution Service over the e-mail.

Labour councillor Gray admitted sending an e-mail to residents which purported to detail what Bedfordshire Police could and could not do in the event of dealing with terrorism suspects who were Muslim.

One of the residents, community activist Chris Savill, then sent it to an officer at South Ockendon police station.

Cllr Gray was immediately suspended by the Labour Party however, three weeks later, she has yet to be interviewed by the party.

With campaigning for the local elections now a matter of weeks away, local Labour officials are keen to know where they stand.

To compound matters, a Belhus resident has tabled a question at tomorrow nights council meeting.

Deirdre Lodge of Stifford Road has asked “Does your administration have a clear policy regarding offensive and racial comments involving councillors?”

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