Intake at Ormiston set to rocket by 40%

ORMISTON Park Academy is set to be ‘bursting at the seams’ 
if the 40% increase in intake in pupil numbers is anything to go by, this coming academic year.

Current Year 6 children in primary schools all over the country have received their long-awaited letters this week, detailing the secondary schools that they will be attending.

Meanwhile secondary schools, including Ormiston Park Academy are analysing their figures of transition students who will be entering Year 7 in the new September term.

Ormiston Park Academy luckily, are delighted to announce that their pupil intake has gone up by just over 40%, which can only mean that the community are truly excited to be a part of the new academy and its future. 

The school and the amazing work that has been going on over the past 24 months are certainly a victim of its own success. The intake has been increasing every year since becoming an Academy and it is simply down to the parents who are now choosing to send their kids to their catchment school in their community and the school that has the most exciting future.

Due to the increase in pupil numbers, the school, at its current size will be able to fit all of their pupils in comfortably. However Mr Derrick, Vice Principal at Ormiston Park Academy said “The new build will facilitate its new numbers and more. If our pupil intake keeps increasing, our new Academy will fulfill its potential.”

Ormiston Park Academy is rising in popularity at a rapid rate, and investments are being made to provide its community with an outstanding secondary school.

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