Motion to move “Lads mags” to top shelf passed by council

A MOTION to move lads magazines such as Nuts, Loaded and Zoo to the top shelf in shops has been passed at a meeting of Thurrock Council last week.

The motion was moved by Aveley councillor Wendy Herd.

She said: “I have noticed several retailers appear to display material in a manner the will not protect children from exposure to certain images and this causes me concern.

It also causes parents concern and they have contacted me.

We live in an increasingly  media and commercial world where advertising plays an important part, the fashion that retailers think our children might wear is causing debates, the music industry is not always using moral judgment with the content and promotion of artist material, children are aware of this. We, the council have no control over this.

We can however give our direction to trading standards to encourage retailers in this borough to act responsibly and be morally aware when merchandising material.

We have a moral compass to all our children to safeguard them and that they live in an environment where they can enjoy their one and only childhood.

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