The Garry Hague Interview: “A New Way Forward”

CONSERVATIVE group leader was in robust mood this morning (Monday) when YT’s Mike Jones interviewed him in the council chambers.

The interview was based on the amendments that the Conservatives with the help of the Independents and UKIP forced through at last weeks council meeting.

Garry robustly defends the budget as part of a Conservative “New Way Forward” He clearly believes that their approach to “zero based budgeting” is the way forward for the Thurrock economy as opposed to the “salami-slicing approach by Labour”.

Garry takes on criticism of the Thurrock Adult Community College and their plans to “package up the Councils leisure activities to enable a specialist organisation to run them.”

Cllr Hague also looked forward to the coming local elections on May 5th. Campaigning begins in three weeks and he makes reference to the team that will, he believes out the Tories back in power.

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