The Battle of Grays Beach Park

THE LOCAL elections may be seven weeks away but the battle lines may well already be drawn.

Many elections have ended up being defined by a number of small but significant issues.

Many now speculate that the difference between an overall Conservative majority or an overall Labour majority in the council chamber may hinge on issues such as Grays Beach Park.

Labour have seized on the controversial plans by the Conservative group to put the park in private hands.

Yesterday, up to a hundred Labour activists including Baroness Smith and MP for East Ham Stephen Timms were out on the streets of Ockendon and Belhus drumming up support for local candidates.

As activists came back for their lunch break at the Ockendon Village Hall, it was clear, according to Labour, that there was one issue above all others that had voters incensed.

YT spoke to deputy leader, Val Morris-Cook and portfolio holder for leisure services cllr Lynn Worrall and asked them for their stance on the issue.

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