Tories bite back: Just get on with the job!

THE SHADOW deputy leader of the Thurrock Conservative group has hit back at the ruling Labour groups criticisms of their budget amendments.

Cllr Amanda Arnold said:

“Take the name calling and spin out of the Labour cabinets performance tonight and you are left with a group who are in control of the council in name only.

One councillor complains that the “new government is all about finance” – do they still not understand the scale of the mess that the country is in?

Another complains that money stripped out from management costs and put back into “grass cutting” for council housing estates is a waste of money. If they dealt with as many complaints about poor grass cutting, broken glass, lack of bins, fly tipping and vandalised play equipment, as I do, they would not only welcome this investment, they would know exactly where to spend it!

Residents don’t want layers of management and unnecessary staff structures, and councils don’t have the luxury of heavily subsidising services that people choose not to use.

Even in the current economic environment, there is no excuse for not providing our services from improved facilities, which is why we want to move the community college into a newer building and re-invigorate leisure and culture services.

Our budget realigns council priorities with the things that matter to residents. It was democratically voted through, and rather than play politics for a headline, Labour need to remember they were elected to serve the residents and just get on with the job.

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