Thursday, September 21, 2023

No charges for councillor over “racial hatred” e-mail

ESSEX POLICE have confirmed that a Thurrock councillor and a community activist will not be charged over inciting racial hatred.

The police investigation was triggered after Belhus councillor Sue Gray passed on an e-mail she had received to residents which purported to be police instructions as to how to interview terrorism suspects who were of the Muslim faith.

South Ockendon activist, Chris Savill received the e-mail and sent it on to three local Conservative councillors and Acting Inspector Jordan of Ockendon Police. The police officer replied back warning Mr Savill that he would be contacting the Hate Crime Unit to assess whether a crime had been committed.

Cllr Gray has been suspended from the Labour Party pending an investigation. At the time, cllr Gray was adamant that she had not read the e-mail but merely passed it on to residents.

A spokesperson for Essex Police said: “Police have consulted the Crown Prosecution Service on this matter, and no offences have been committed, so police will not be pursuing it any further.”

A spokesperson for the Labour Party was unavailable at this time.


  1. Cllr Gray is not popular and I doubt whether this ruling will appease anybody with an axe to grind. However, it doesn’t matter what you think of this issue, its been investigated, she has been cleared, so that’s it. If there are folk that are unhappy they can express their feelings via the ballot box.

  2. Contrary to the point Cllr Sue Gray is very popular and yes it will be determined at the election box when she restands in 2012.

  3. Contrary to your opinion Sue Gray is infact a very popular councillor and respected by those around her. you only have to look at the number of people that voted for her at the elections and you will gauge for yourself exactly how popular, not for being a political animal but for being a resident and being a voice for her community. Yes she may have upset some in her area but her work will have pleased a whole load more.

    i am sure that when she is up in 2012 she will get the same amount of votes. Keep up the good work Cllr Sue Gray.

  4. Sting, let me re-phrase. Cllr Gray is no longer as popular as, perhaps, she once was. I think, given the coverage over this and other issues in which Cllr Gray has played a part, it is overly optimistic to say she will get the same amount of votes next time around. She may still win her seat but she has managed to generate a fair bit of ill will toward herself.


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