Saturday, September 30, 2023

Free School for Tilbury?

THESE are radical and fast-changing times in education in Thurrock but for many it illustrates how cutting edge the senior schools have become. But we were fascinated to learn the Gateway Academy as part of its plans to expand to provide primary education plans to apply for “Free School” status.

YT spoke to headteacher, Kevin Sadler about the plans, the definition of the term, free school and whether the plans have the local education authorities blessing.


  1. So we have free market thinking in schools now. Succesful schools will be allowed to expand and attract more pupils. Bur what of the smaller failing schools around the area? What will happen to them if fewer and fewer pupils attend? Will they be closed saving the council money and the academies and free schools that wont cost the council anything to run be allowed to expand and take on the pupils from the failing schools?

    What will the long term impact on smaller schools of expanding free schools and academies? I can see some in the Chadwell and Tilbury areas being allowed to fail and the sites sold off.

  2. What about the ones that cant get into the school now and have to travel across thurrock to get to school- this will only get worse if all the children from manor get the first tranch of places, kids in the other tilbury and chadwell schools will be even further down the list. Bring back st chads.


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