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Labour MEP hits out at “dangerous and ideological” budget

THURROCK’S Labour MEP hit out at ‘dangerous and ideological’ budget gamble for Essex

The Chancellor has taken a dangerous and ideological gamble with Essex’s jobs, houses and services claimed the county’s Euro MP Richard Howitt today speaking out after the Budget.

With the country remaining in a deep slump, rising oil prices, workers fearing for their jobs and savage cuts to local services the Chancellor had an opportunity to announce pro-active measures to get Britain and Essex working again – but the Euro MP claims the Chancellor fluffed it.

Labour’s Richard Howitt MEP said:

“George Osborne had a choice today. A sensible Treasury minister would ease up on his plans to cut slash spending, put in place measures to get unemployment down, and address our crippling shortage of affordable homes. But sadly the Chancellor rejected the plans for growth that make economic sense and instead ploughed on with his ideologically driven attack on public services.

“The single most important result of Budget is even slower growth meaning businesses and people without jobs in Essex will suffer even more. I am particularly disappointed that there was no mention of Essex as a location for a new enterprise zone. Our region needs help for growth and jobs too.

“The sharpest spending cuts since 1945 begin next month and these cuts put the economic recovery in Essex at risk as well as being socially divisive.

“18,000 Essex street lights have been turned off, the youth service decimated and library opening hours are being cut. The end of the Educational Maintenance Allowance means students across Essex are struggling to continue their education. Essex Police are cutting back on officers. Rail fare rises are crippling commuters with a season ticket from Basildon to central London for the first time costing over £3000. Even the most vulnerable have not escaped the axe with children’s homes and old people’s homes sold off.

“The only glimmer of hope in this budget was the announcement on fuel – though Osborne is wrong to say the proposal to reverse fuel VAT rise is illegal. The UK can seek agreement at an EU level.

“When you cut jobs, stop house building and create a climate of fear, that risks yet more jobs losses and misery which will drive the country backwards not forwards.”


  1. All budgets are ‘ideological’ to believe otherwise is naive. The budget could have been better, it could have been worse. All budgets are like that. Unfortunately for these Labour types, the country didn’t vote in enough numbers for their ideology, having already seen it bring the country to its knees. I find it laughable that any Labour MP can criticise the Chancellor for not being sensible when they themselves were never sensible when they were in charge.

  2. Oh how these politicians have very short memories, if it was not for a certain Mr G Brown who borrowed out of hand and plunged the country in to so much debt that even the loan sharks would not give us a loan then the current government would not have to start trying to bail us out of the mire.

    Did the same Mr G Brown cock a deaf one when the banking industry ran into problems as his friends are all in the banking community and he did absolutley nothing to stem the tide through fear of upsetting his banking buddies.

    Was it not the last labour government who put the fuel escalator in place which would have seen a furher 5p on the litre from April, and were they also not the ones who opened up the floodgates for immigration and benefit scroungers.

    Yes there is now a new leader in charge of the Labour party but they are still singing from the same hymn sheet, they will have to completley change their policies before the majority of the public trust them again


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