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Ormiston impress at Interview Day

Ormiston Park Academy students welcomed a number of volunteer interviewers from local businesses who assisted with some Y11 ‘mock interviews’ for students on a career management skills module. 

Forty pupils from Ormiston Park Academy took part in a ‘mock’ interview event this week and met representatives from local businesses and national organisations.
As part of the programme, a number of local businesses volunteered to challenge the students with some mock interviews, as if they were applying for a full-time job. 
It gave around 40 year 11 pupils’ opportunities to hone their interview skills and find out more about careers across a wide range of sectors.

Ormiston Park Academy’s teachers and the handful of businesses that kindly signed up for the project were aiming to expose the students to the demands of a job interview, using representatives from local companies or organisations.
Some of the local businesses even used the activity as a staff development exercise for their staff who wanted to practice their interviewing skills. 

The activity is essential to prepare the Y11 students for the working world, many of whom have little or no appreciation of how they present themselves at interview. Receiving feedback from someone already engaged in work will be invaluable. 

Careers Development Officer, Lisa Simpson of Ormiston Park Academy said, “a large number of pupils have already expressed interest in finding out more about careers in teaching, nursing, construction, creative industries and engineering and there are some who are keen to find out more about language, business and finance careers.

The support we have had from businesses and organisations has been tremendous and we want to thank them for taking the time volunteer in this project sharing their expertise.”

Businesses who volunteered:

Clive Pike – Basildon Printing Company
Barry Thompson – Basildon Printing Company
Julie Spurgeon – Barclays Bank
Rebecca Taylor – Barclays Bank
Polly Whyte – UK Power Networks
Louise Parsons – UK Power Networks
Nicola Brown – UK Power Networks
Cllr James Halden – Thurrock Council
Luke Phillips – Lloyds TSB
Ishtiaq Ahmed – Lloyds TSB
PC Neil Brand – Essex Police

Y11 best presented interviewees

Monday 21st March 2011:

Best dressed male = Lewis Barrett
Best dressed female = Sophie Burroughs
Best interviewee = Matthew Mason
Interviewee runner up = Hikmat

Tuesday 22nd March 2011:

Best dressed Male = Ebenezer Agye
Best dressed female = Anna Liu
Best interviewee and runnerup = Tomisin and Rodney


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