Thursday, May 30, 2024

Gary raises thousands in dedication to his father

By Charlie Key

STANFORD man Gary Petchey had no knowledge of pancreatic cancer until his father was struck down by the diseases earlier this year. Gary was amazed that the survival rate of 4% has not changed in forty years.

Gary has now set up a justgiving page which has raised over £3,000.

YT’s Charlie Key went to interview Gary and spoke to him about his father Dave and the campaigning he is now dedicating his time to.


  1. Thanks very much to Michael and the Yourthurrock people for heling me to publizise this important issue
    Please tell as many people as you can and join our Facebook page which is called ‘Families in support of Pancreatic Cancer awareness’
    Many thanks


  2. Hi all,
    Just a quick update that we will be having a presentation stall at The North Stifford Village Fete on Saturday 25th June.
    Please visit us as members of my family will be attending, and as my Dad was well know through gardening in North Stifford for many years, people will have a personal story to look for.
    Hopefully Michael and his brilliant crew will help us to publizise this and maybe do another interview.
    Donation now total £3,090.00 so we are doing very well
    Kind regards


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