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Hundreds of Thurrock residents join cuts protests in London

THE RAILWAY platforms from East Tilbury to South Ockendon were packed on Saturday morning as hundreds of Grays residents travelled to London to join half a million other residents protesting against the Coalition government cuts.

Leading Labour councillors John Kent, Valerie Morris-Cook and Lynn Worrall were there alongside organisations such as Tilbury Dockers Thurrock students and many concerned individuals.

Ockendon ward candidate Aaron Kiely kept residents informed of proceeding through Twitter as travelled from South Ockendon to Hyde Park to listen to Labour leader Ed Miiband speak.

Aaron said: “It was good to see large trades union organisations rub shoulders with small community groups and thousands of individuals to protest.”

One Thurrock resident (who did not wish to be named) was angry that the media coverage paid more attention to the riots.

He said: “My wife and I attended the march against the cuts today and it was absolutely amazing to see so many diverse people all there for similar concerns/

“When we got home, we were pretty disgusted to see Sky News desperately trying to record any kind of unrest going on – yes there were 150 anarchist idiots wandering around assisted by maybe 1000 young idiots out for a laugh but the significance of the quarter of a million concerned people of all ages, all classes, must not be taken for granted.”


  1. Another pointless demonstration in London that will achieve approximately nothing and which was hijacked by ‘anarchists’ who got all the news coverage. Half a million people sounds a lot doesn’t it but that equates to less than 800 people from each constituency in the land so, really, it represents a minority. Also, a high percentage of those that demonstrated were Labour and trade union activists so that makes it even less representative. So they were protesting against cuts? Doesn’t that also mean they were marching in favour of the Government taxing us more so they can spend more on people who don’t work or to protect the ‘non’ jobs created by the last Government? Does it also mean that they were in favour of the country borrowing even more money to go into even more debt to protect services we can’t afford? The whole thing is a nonsense.
    As for the so called ‘Anarchists’, it’s highly amusing that they were, in effect, protesting against Government making itself smaller which, surely, is their whole reason for existing? Shouldn’t they be celebrating instead? The country is in a financial mess, instead of protesting to this Government about it send your letters of protest to the Labour party that got us here.

  2. Amendment to previous post. News sources are now suggesting the true figure for the attendance on the march is no more than 150,000. That makes it around 230 people per constituency and thus even less representative.

  3. Numbers seem to be exagerated everywhere gray24 I boarded a train at Ockendon station on Saturday morning and it certainly wasnt packed. I also did not see the Ockendon candidate tweeting, however some might ask if he borded the train in Ockendon or Canterbury? as it is not too clear as to where he resides or has resided for the last 3 years of his 22?

  4. Grays 64 – get a life you have even started replying to yourself on here……. The government are robbing thurrock residents blind -14 million in cuts in less than a year. Lets not do the blame thing. It is they who are in charge and they who are deciding the budget.

    For many the protest was not political. Mums and dads and grandparents with their children and grandchildren worried about their childrens and grandchildrens futures. Carers, nurses, school teachers, bin men, council staff, cleaners the list goes on, all wondering how deep the axe will fall on local services across the country.

    These cuts have obviously not touched you or a member of your family personally or you would not have put forward such a conceited post.

  5. A conceited post Sting? Where is the conceit? Do you know what the word means?
    The fact remains that, whether you like it or not (clearly or not in your case) the people demonstrating in London were not representative of the country as a whole. That is an undeniable fact unless you want to make up numbers that don’t exist. Your list of the aggrieved was also a list of public sector workers, we in the private sector have to pay for them and we cannot go on funding non jobs or jobs that are surplus to requirement. Once again, I feel you have not noticed that the last Government left office with the country in severe debt.

    Your last statement demonstrates your small minded attitude toward others that have a different point of view to you. I work in the public sector (shipping to be precise) and our business has seen a massive drop off in work the last year. However, in the years when our company did very well, we didn’t spend all the profits, we banked some so that now we have a reserve into which we are dipping. If we had blown all our money in the good years we would have ceased trading by now. It’s just a pity that our previous Government didn’t do something similar.

  6. At the risk of being accused of ‘replying’ to my own post, I did, of course, mean that I work in the Private sector and not the public sector.

  7. After reading the regular political waffles of gray64 and Sting, I can’t wait for the local elections!

  8. Conceited: To have an exagerated opinion. If the cap fits………….

    I am glad that you have reserves to fall back on – many others are not in the same position as you and have no reserves and all because they chose to work or care for others.

  9. Sting, perhaps you would like to point out my exaggeration? You seem very bitter, am I at fault because I and the company I work for acted sensibly? All of a sudden it seems that I, and others like me, are wrong to be financially responsible. Would you like me to throw myself at the tender mercies of the State? It’s folk like me that pay taxes to fund the public sector workers, workers that contribute nothing at all to the wealth of the country. The fact that previous Governments have spent more money than they had on services they could not afford seems completely lost on you. If you worked for a company that paid you on borrowed money I would hazard a guess that you would be as sick as the proverbial parrot when the company went bust and you lost your job. Well, the State is bust and something has to give. It’s a really simple concept. Do I wish that it were otherwise? Of course I do, I don’t want to see people out of work any more than you do but we are where we are and it’s largely down to Gordon Brown and Ed Balls. You can’t really say whether, or not, the Tories have got it wrong yet because not enough time has passed to see if their policies are working or failing. But then, you are far too wedded to the Socialist ideal to consider that one.

  10. Grays 64. im out of here because you have lost the plot on this one. i was never havin a pop at the private sector, i work in it too, it was you that went into the whole private sector stuff. As we live in a democracy people were free to go to london Saturday and make their voices heard and most that did did so without any political bias. im gone…………………


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