Labour “Stop looking after your own” demands top Tory

Conservative Councillor Rob Gledhill has slammed Thurrock’s Labour leadership for failing to take the lead on achieving savings.

At the budget setting it was agreed that the number of Cabinet posts would be reduced to 8, saving nearly £16,000. Cllr Gledhill, Shadow Cabinet member for Central Services, said “Last year we led on reducing Councillors allowances and stopping in borough expense claims. At the budget we did the same again by cutting Cabinet posts just as Thurrock residents asked us too. But whilst every department in the Council are stepping up to the mark to achieve savings Labour are happy to drag their feet and not reduce the number of their high paid Councillors, it outrageous!”

For every month that this saving is not made Labour are wasting over £1,300 of tax payers money forcing cuts to other services.

Cllr Gledhill added “Instead of taking the lead on savings, the Labour Cabinet have spent their time scaremongering and attacking our schools. We have already heard Labour say “it’s the Tories fault for increasing the number of Cabinet posts 7 years ago”, but they are supposedly in control so it’s down to them to stop ‘looking after their own’ and immediately cut two cabinet positions. This saving was supposed to start from 1st April but it looks like Labour are playing an Aprils Fool on all of us rather than just getting on with the job!”

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