Monday, June 24, 2024

Bugsy Malone at William Edwards

REVIEW by Abbie Maguire

The audience clung to their seats as they waited for the curtains to divide, excited to hear a musical crescendo, watch a series of amazing dances and listen to that good old American accent we’ve been trying to perfect ever since we were introduced to the Disney Channel. An electric atmosphere suffused the hall, with teachers, students and parents eagerly awaiting William Edwards’ theatrical comeback. Bugsy Malone, a musical set in the 1920s in New York, is William Edwards’ first musical in five years. Did it build up my expectations? Yes it did. But more importantly, did it meet my expectations? Above and beyond is my answer.

So where do I start? Do I start was the flawless vocals of the singers? Do I begin with the perfectly choreographed dances? Or I do commence with the fantastically executed American accent? I have never witnessed such a flawless performance in a school before. It was more akin to sitting in the West End with the cast having the talent and professionalism of adults. The dancing, particularly in Fat Sam’s was sheer brilliance, as was the outstanding singing that would put the likes of Adele in her place. The acting was nothing short of superb, so much so that it was like another world was opening up in front of you.

I must remember every single one of their names because if I ever go to review another one of their shows in ten years time, I want to be able to say I saw them on their first show at their school hall, although they treated it like they were on Broadway or the West End!

A special thanks needs to go to Ms Ponder, Mrs Davey and Mrs Kimmings for all of the months of sheer dedication they put it in order to bring this musical to the stage. This production truly defines what amazing performances are all about!


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