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Election 2011 Candidates Announced

Aveley & Uplands

Tim Mark Aker (United Kingdom Independence Party)
Colin James Churchman (Independent)
Clifford Holloway (Labour)
John Livermore (Liberal Democrat)
Maureen Carol Pearce (Conservative)


Rita Ajidagba (Conservative)
Chris Baker (United Kingdom Independence Party)
Charles John Curtis (Labour)
Tracy Denise Rowe (Liberal Democrat)
Sue Sibthorpe (British National Party)

Chadwell St. Mary

James Nicholas Baker (United Kingdom Independence Party)
Derek William Beackon (British National Party)
Natalie Butcher (Liberal Democrat)
Lee Dove (Conservative)
Anthony William Fish (Labour)

Chafford & North Stifford

James Donald (Liberal Democrat)
Gus Nwanze (Labour)
Adrian Philip Short (United Kingdom Independence Party)
Simon Ernest Wootton (Conservative)

Corringham & Fobbing

Kirsty Louise Beard (Liberal Democrat)
Mark Steven Coxshall (Conservative)
Robert Adam Fitch (Labour)
Thomas Patrick Kelleher (United Kingdom Independence Party)

East Tilbury

Peter Michael Fox (United Kingdom Independence Party)
Eleanor Lowe (Labour)
Paul Polley (Conservative)
John Purkiss (Independent)
Luke Anthony Tyson (Liberal Democrat)

Grays Riverside

Jagdev S Bal (United Kingdom Independence Party)
Dawn Evans (Conservative)
Mark McNab (British National Party)
Valerie Morris-Cook (Labour)
Kevin Mulroue (Liberal Democrat)

Grays Thurrock

Traci Barnes (Conservative)
Tom Davis (British National Party)
Will Jackson (Liberal Democrat)
Catherine Angela Kent (Labour)
Raj Mistry (United Kingdom Independence Party)

Little Thurrock Rectory

Alan David Broad (United Kingdom Independence Party)
Tom Kelly (Conservative)
Eileen O`Reilly (Labour)
Matthew James Orbell (Liberal Democrat)


Jill Heather Broad (United Kingdom Independence Party)
Barry William Johnson (Conservative)
Aaron Kiely (Labour)
Karne Thomas McGinn (British National Party)
David Paul Shirley (Liberal Democrat)

Stanford East & Corringham Town

Natalie Gannon Quirk (Conservative)
Roy Robert Jones (United Kingdom Independence Party)
Phil Smith (Labour)
Adrian Leslie Stevart (Liberal Democrat)

Stanford-Le-Hope West

Chris Greenaway (Liberal Democrat)
Shane Hebb (Conservative)
Gemma Robbins (Labour)
Stuart St.Clair-Haslam (United Kingdom Independence Party)

Stifford Clays
Clive Herbert Broad (United Kingdom Independence Party)
Diana Elizabeth Hale (Labour)
Claire Jones (Liberal Democrat)
Jo Morris (Conservative)

The Homesteads

Simon John Barnes (The Green Party)
Alan Maylin (Liberal Democrat)
Peter Geoffrey Henry Prendergast (United Kingdom Independence Party)
Richard Speight (Labour)
Pauline Maria Tolson (Conservative)

Tilbury Riverside & Thurrock Park

Clare Esther Baldwin (Labour)
Michael Edward Braun (British National Party)
Keith John Hatcher (Independent)
Georgette Polley (Conservative)

West Thurrock & South Stifford

Daniel Allen (Liberal Democrat)
Ben Gadsby (Conservative)
Victoria Holloway (Labour)
Warren Michael Parish (British National Party)


  1. BNP have collapsed in Thurrock.

    The LibDems are on the rise.

    The Tories have abandoned the agreement they had with the East Tilbury Indies not to stand in East Tilbury.

    Either nationally or locally the tories, labour and LibDems are all unpopular.

    Will this be UKIPs year? Or have they blown their chances by trying to lumber residents with a massive EU fine?

  2. Will anyone trust Labour after the state of the country and the in fighting at the council?

    Will anyone trust the LibDems after their brokene pledges when joining the coalition?

    Will anyone trust the Tories after the wholesale sell off of the boroughs silverware in their alternative buget?

    Will anyone tust the UKIP after their EU fine??

    As for the BNP well the less said about them the better.

    Doesn’t leave much choice really, I suppose it will be a pick from a rotten bunch that wins!!!

  3. I will be voting Labour and for new electoral system. But Residents need to ask searching questions of all candidates though, as Thurrock faces many challenges in the years to come and planning for the future has not been well catered for by all political parties. I look forward to reading from all the Bloggers on Yourthurrock as I am sure they will be keeping tabs on events and posting in their own indomitable fashion. BNP still in 5 wards. Hope they get slaughtered in for the lack of work by their main candidate in Tilbury alone. Happy Voting – Good luck to the majority of candidates.

  4. I agree with Lambo, who to vote for amongst a lot of rotten eggs? I will be looking for an Independent to vote for and even then, only if I can find out a bit about their policies beforehand.As for AV, it’s a NO for me.

  5. I will not bother with UKIP, they say they are anti europe but have shown their true colors by running to europe and likely landing the TBC with a fine that the residents will get hit hard.

  6. The BNP candidate for Tilbury does not live in Thurrock. Very risky but desperate people do desperate things.

  7. A couple of small corrections are needed here: Tapestry, your comment that Mr Braun doesn’t live in Thurrock is inapplicable. The desperation you describe does not ring true. Candidates can live or work in the area they stand in, and Mr Braun works in Thurrock.

    A former MP for Thurrock, Mr Andrew MacKinley, actually lived in Surrey.

    And Thurrock For All mentions that the BNP are still in five wards. In fact, they are in seven.

  8. It’s time to get rid of the BNP once and for all. Last year they fielded a full slate today just a handfull. Next year we all hope that it is none. They are racists and should play no part in local democracy.

    The two that have ever been elected in Thurrock have done nothing once they were elected. The Grays one never even muttered a single word in the chamber and did doodly squat but take his councillor allowance. He was gone at the next election after spending months sitting in the chamber like a scared rabbit in a cars headlights.

    Tilbury residents have been treated like mugs by the BNP over the last 3 years after they were foolish enough to vote in Emma Colgate. She promised to root out corruption in the council – and then did nothing. She promised Tilbury residents she would work hard and then disappeared into the mist never to be seen again. How many Tilbury forums did she attend – a big fat zero. Where was she on rembererance Sunday – not in TIlbury thats for sure. Where did she hold her council advice surgeries – in 3 years she never even held 1 surgery for her residents.

    Since falling out with her leader Nick Griffin she has not been seen for dust in the council, she has been in the chamber once this year and only then because she was cute enough to know that if she didnt turn up once in six months she would lose her monthly allowance. 1 meeting in a year cant be bad for the money she took from Thurrock council tax payers expense.

    The latest list of candidates is a poor show to say the least. See previous post for who they expect Tilbury residents to fall for this time. The rest are no better.

    Thurrock residents must do the same as Barking and Degenham did last year and kick the BNPs butts out of Thurrock once and for all.

  9. Mr Braun should be challenged regarding his elegibility to stand as a candidate in Thurrock. Somebody has foolishly registered him as living at their property.

    We will have to wait a day or two to find out who.

  10. He has registered at his home address.

    186a High Street, Hornchurch, Essex,  
    RM12 6QP

    So he must be claiming that his employer is based in Thurrock.

  11. The rules regarding elegibility to stand are:

    You have lived in the borough for a period of 12 months prior to nomination.

    Your main or only place of work has been in the borough for a period of 12 months prior to nomination.

    You have occupied, either as an owner or a tenant, any land or premises in the borough for a period of 12 months prior to nomination.

    Perhaps somebody or Mr Braun himself can clarify who he works for in the Thurrock area?

  12. in Thurrock you will see the BNP have been parachuted candidates from across the region. Why would they do this? Because local Thurrock people have realised that they are no more than a bunch or liars, bulies and racists.

    Looking at the list of who is standing for the BNP there is a Tilbury member of the BNP standing in South Ockendon.

    Now if Khan McGinn wanted to represent his local people why has he not stood in the town where he grew up and went to school? He still lives in Tilbury and his dad stood for the BNP and lost miserably last year. His whole family still live in the town.

    Living in the Tilbury would mean he would be better placed to understand the local demographics and know what the local problems are that really matter to Tilbury residents. How would Mr Braun who lives in Hornchurch and has no roots in Thurrock know what matters to Tilbury residents.

  13. The BNP should, by now, be an irrelevance. The reason they are not is largely down the the tensions caused by the mass immigration policy followed by the last Labour government. Unfortunately, the current Coalition Government have by and large ignored it as well hence the remaining blight of the BNP.

  14. Khan McGinn won’t stand in his own ward because he is a scared little rabbit with no voice. He cannot speak up for himself let alone others. I hope he wins in Ockendon. It will be very amusing viewing his performance in the chamber. He’ll make Nick Geri look like a chatterbox.

  15. Tapestry: it is unclear what points you are making, if any. Mr Braun is acting within the law, and it is churlish of you to suggest, or imply otherwise. If you believe rules are not being adhered to, you should contact the local returning officer without delay. He will advise you if anything is untoward.

    This website is not the place to post factually inaccurate statements, and the moderators of this comments board should take note that your insinuations are groundless.

  16. There are no factually innacurate statements being made. Just suggestions.
    You are obviously something to do with Mr Braun so why not just say where he works in Thurrock and have done with it?

  17. Does anybody know whether being a self employed lorry driver entitles you to stand anywhere you happen to make a delivery to?

  18. Tapestry: again, you make assumptions with no grounds. I am not involved with Mr Braun. I have only ever met him once, and I don’t actually know where he works. I just believe in free and fair elections, as indeed you must also. (Your syntax looks very much like you are admitting making “factually inaccurate suggestions!”)

  19. “Factually inacurate suggestions” Your having a laugh.
    Do you actually know what a suggestion is?

  20. Tapestry, you are clearly not a fan of the BNP or, particularly, Mr Braun and I can sympathise with you there. However, it is right that the BNP should stand in the local elections and I am sure that Mr Braun complies with the relevant legislation. It is only by exposure to the BNP and their witless, wrong and distasteful policies that people can learn about them and understand why a vote for them is wrong headed. We just about still live in a democracy and that does mean that, from time to time, objectionable or questionable parties will crop up.

  21. Tapestry, you ask if I know what a suggestion is. Your humour is almost as appalling as your spelling & grammar. May I ask if you’re aware of what the word ‘syntax’ means?

    Anyway, by all means carry on posting – spending lots of time on a PC keyboard gives a helpful clue as to your psychological condition!

  22. If you want to impress people with words, try using this one in an argument, pneumono­ultra­micro­scopic­silico­volca. Hope I’ve spelt it correctly for the trolls.

  23. Let the blame game commence!
    Although I won’t be voting for the BNP, I can understand why some people will.
    I will probably be voting Labour to hopefully strenghen TBC, and I will vote No on the referendum. Why change something that works?

  24. Good luck to Claire Baldwin. I went to school with her and she will be a fine person to represent our community.

    My prediction for Tilbury is

    1. Labour
    2. Independent
    3 bnp
    4 Conservative

  25. So Aaron Kielly is prepared to stand up and be counted and is passionate about a number of issues. And this is a bad thing? At least he has some socialist principles.

  26. Tapestry – I agree with everything you have said about the disgrace on the BNP but all your comments have been one sided they relate to the BNP nationally i.e. Nick Griffin, If people were not to vote Labour/Conservative because of a particular politicization nationally but yet were the best person to serve you locally then thats wrong isn’t it, I get the point about the person (party) you elect is the party they will vote in decision unless they are IND.

    As for Clare Baldwin (Street) she was ament to be the candidate that stood last year but bottled it so stood down in tilbury st chads, Now she has the ability to stand again but this time at least she has gone this far unlike before!
    She has also put through things quoting her name as Clare Street, and now she standing as Baldwin! whats that about?

    L- It does seem strange that a Labour candidate would be a Green doesn’t it. He should have stood with Simon Barnes the Homsteads candidate, the only thing is he wouldn’t get anywhere with them as they have no change so is standing under Labour they take anybody if you look at the candidates/councillors they have!

  27. You can always tell when Labour-supporters are rattled – they resort to vulgar name-calling and abuse. After losing thousands of members (because of their disastrous thirteen years in power), this is all they have left.

    Anyone voting Labour after their systematic wrecking of the economy needs a lot more than just psychology!

  28. There is no indication that Susan51 votes Labour and I cannot see any vulgarity, name calling or abuse in her comments.

    You need to go to Spec savers.

  29. Tapestry – Lucas was not talking about me it was about you getting rattled, Of course there is no indication as to how or what I vote because I would allow anybody to know that inforation thats between me and the ballot box (or me to tell the candidate that I will vote for them).

    Also you never answered my question! Was anything I said not fact?

  30. Is it Mrs Tapestry? You are a prime example of the British people’s anaesthesia. No matter how much they abuse you (and with over 200 British soldiers dead) Labour know you will still vote for them. They rely on folks like you, bereft of any power of reasoning.

  31. If I was a betting person I would bet that Susan51, L and Lucas Tyson all have the same IP address.

  32. You would lose your bet. Ask the moderator, or someone Internet-savvy. They should be able to help remove your illusions.

    I notice you don’t comment on the stark ‘achievements’ of the wonderful party you have told us all you intend to vote for?

  33. The above pre-election childish bitching always gets me down, and enforces my belief that most people in politics are in it for their own interests and not the people that they are surposed to represent.

  34. jmw118:

    I think you’re right. Election bickering can be unpleasant. When folks use transparently illogical and vindictive jibes on a public forum, it’s probably best to leave them to it. But I still feel prompted to answer mean-spirited comments that aren’t worthy of any political party.

  35. With a resounding barrage of garrulous and loquacious avidity, and a bang of his gavel for emphasis, lets hear it for Lucas Tyson.

  36. To some people, Mrs Tapestry, the sight of fairly well-written paragraphs must be quite frightening! I only have an average vocabulary.


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