Election 2011 Candidates Announced

Aveley & Uplands

Tim Mark Aker (United Kingdom Independence Party)
Colin James Churchman (Independent)
Clifford Holloway (Labour)
John Livermore (Liberal Democrat)
Maureen Carol Pearce (Conservative)


Rita Ajidagba (Conservative)
Chris Baker (United Kingdom Independence Party)
Charles John Curtis (Labour)
Tracy Denise Rowe (Liberal Democrat)
Sue Sibthorpe (British National Party)

Chadwell St. Mary

James Nicholas Baker (United Kingdom Independence Party)
Derek William Beackon (British National Party)
Natalie Butcher (Liberal Democrat)
Lee Dove (Conservative)
Anthony William Fish (Labour)

Chafford & North Stifford

James Donald (Liberal Democrat)
Gus Nwanze (Labour)
Adrian Philip Short (United Kingdom Independence Party)
Simon Ernest Wootton (Conservative)

Corringham & Fobbing

Kirsty Louise Beard (Liberal Democrat)
Mark Steven Coxshall (Conservative)
Robert Adam Fitch (Labour)
Thomas Patrick Kelleher (United Kingdom Independence Party)

East Tilbury

Peter Michael Fox (United Kingdom Independence Party)
Eleanor Lowe (Labour)
Paul Polley (Conservative)
John Purkiss (Independent)
Luke Anthony Tyson (Liberal Democrat)

Grays Riverside

Jagdev S Bal (United Kingdom Independence Party)
Dawn Evans (Conservative)
Mark McNab (British National Party)
Valerie Morris-Cook (Labour)
Kevin Mulroue (Liberal Democrat)

Grays Thurrock

Traci Barnes (Conservative)
Tom Davis (British National Party)
Will Jackson (Liberal Democrat)
Catherine Angela Kent (Labour)
Raj Mistry (United Kingdom Independence Party)

Little Thurrock Rectory

Alan David Broad (United Kingdom Independence Party)
Tom Kelly (Conservative)
Eileen O`Reilly (Labour)
Matthew James Orbell (Liberal Democrat)


Jill Heather Broad (United Kingdom Independence Party)
Barry William Johnson (Conservative)
Aaron Kiely (Labour)
Karne Thomas McGinn (British National Party)
David Paul Shirley (Liberal Democrat)

Stanford East & Corringham Town

Natalie Gannon Quirk (Conservative)
Roy Robert Jones (United Kingdom Independence Party)
Phil Smith (Labour)
Adrian Leslie Stevart (Liberal Democrat)

Stanford-Le-Hope West

Chris Greenaway (Liberal Democrat)
Shane Hebb (Conservative)
Gemma Robbins (Labour)
Stuart St.Clair-Haslam (United Kingdom Independence Party)

Stifford Clays
Clive Herbert Broad (United Kingdom Independence Party)
Diana Elizabeth Hale (Labour)
Claire Jones (Liberal Democrat)
Jo Morris (Conservative)

The Homesteads

Simon John Barnes (The Green Party)
Alan Maylin (Liberal Democrat)
Peter Geoffrey Henry Prendergast (United Kingdom Independence Party)
Richard Speight (Labour)
Pauline Maria Tolson (Conservative)

Tilbury Riverside & Thurrock Park

Clare Esther Baldwin (Labour)
Michael Edward Braun (British National Party)
Keith John Hatcher (Independent)
Georgette Polley (Conservative)

West Thurrock & South Stifford

Daniel Allen (Liberal Democrat)
Ben Gadsby (Conservative)
Victoria Holloway (Labour)
Warren Michael Parish (British National Party)

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