Monday, February 6, 2023

Siobhan storms Gateway Academy Talent Night

WE DON’T OFTEN plead for people to watch our films but if there is one thing you should do then it is watch this winning performance by Siobhan Omoruyi in winning the Feel the Music contest at Gateway Academy.

Siobhan takes on the Dreamgirls showstopper “And I’m Telling You”. She sings it like a seasoned veteran and not a Year 11 student.

It is the intensity that is most impressive. The audience couldn’t keep their eyes off the performance which just got better and better and better.

Indeed it was like the end of part one of Dreamgirls playing on Broadway as the the audience rose to give a standing ovation.

Well done to Siobhan and to the rest of the Year 12 team who ran a fantastic night at the Gateway Academy.

The rest of the acts will be on during the next couple of days.


  1. Wow! Siobhan sings with sincere passion and is every bit a real Star in her own right. She deserves her own Concert and to reach a huge audience. I wish her well. Delivery like hers is rare – she moves the very Soul.


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