Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Gang Show gets them rolling in the aisles

By Tanya Coutts

Stride On was back at the Thameside Theatre last week for their annual gang show.

Members of Guiding and Scouting from Thurrock, both young and old-er, have spent the past six months dedicating their Sundays to rehearsing ready for Stride On 2011 and what a good job they did!

With a larger cast than recent years it was great to see the energy and eagerness all the newcomers brought to the performance.

As always, the show boasted a mix of comedy and well known tunes to keep the audience entertained. From the amusing ‘American Names’ where the youngsters were Bob-ing and Neil-ing to avoid a biff from Biff, to songs from Bugsy Malone and Queen, the whole performance ran without a hitch.

The tunes of Ralph Reader, who wrote and produced the first gang show in 1932, came through in the opening and finale reminding us all how far the production has come from those early days.

Well done to everyone who was a part of the team this year, on stage and behind it, and I look forward to Stride On 2012.


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