MP attacks Labour over Thurrock Academies

Jackie Doyle-Price has roundly criticised Labour suggestions that Academies are ‘selective schools by the back door’. The comments have been made by Labour Portfolio holder Diana Hale and supported by Ed Balls during his visit to Tilbury.

Jackie said, “I have spoken to most of the secondary heads in Thurrock – they recognise that Academy status will strengthen their ability to serve their local communities.

Gateway Academy wants to expand and create a primary school to give a better offering to children in Tilbury.

Ockendon wants to complete its building programme to offer better opportunities to children in Ockendon.

Chafford Hundred wants to create a sixth form in line with the wishes of parents and pupils, not what the council decrees it should offer.

The law is explicit. All ability academies of the kind we have in Thurrock are not able to introduce selection. Any suggestion that Academies will suddenly select by ability is scaremongering. What we are trying to create is strong local schools serving their local communities. But that is Thurrock Labour – never let the truth get in the way of a good story – particularly at election time”

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