Suspension lifted over Belhus councillor

Thurrock Labour have announced that the suspension of cllr Sue Gray has now been lifted.

Cllr Gray was suspended following reports of possible police action in connection with an inappropriate email. As the police have confirmed she will not face any charges the Regional Director of the Labour Party, Alan Olive, has recommended lifting the suspension.

Cllr Gray will not face any further sanction from the Labour Party, but it has been made clear to her that in future she must check and take responsibility for the content of any emails she sends or forwards on.

Cllr Gray said “I am so glad this sorry chapter is now closed. I have always taken full responsibility for forwarding that email. It was a foolish thing to do and I deeply regret any offence it has caused. I have learnt a hard lesson and now just want to get on with the job of representing my community here in Belhus.”

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