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Suspension lifted over Belhus councillor

Thurrock Labour have announced that the suspension of cllr Sue Gray has now been lifted.

Cllr Gray was suspended following reports of possible police action in connection with an inappropriate email. As the police have confirmed she will not face any charges the Regional Director of the Labour Party, Alan Olive, has recommended lifting the suspension.

Cllr Gray will not face any further sanction from the Labour Party, but it has been made clear to her that in future she must check and take responsibility for the content of any emails she sends or forwards on.

Cllr Gray said “I am so glad this sorry chapter is now closed. I have always taken full responsibility for forwarding that email. It was a foolish thing to do and I deeply regret any offence it has caused. I have learnt a hard lesson and now just want to get on with the job of representing my community here in Belhus.”


  1. I have learnt a hard lesson and now just want to get on with the job of representing my community here in Belhus.”

    You dont listen to your residents in sora so why do you think we should believe you in Belhus. you dont go knocking on door to door asking what the issuse are and as you said at sora it dosnt matter what your residents think with the minutes of a meeting, you just make them up. you think that eight people that are in your little club are the true voice of belhus i think you need to think on, it seems your partner likes to do as you do, tamper with the minutes, like calling a resident an arse hole which he has never recorded.

  2. I hope that Cllr Gray will now take a look at the way she runs the South Ockendon Residents Association [SORA] before she has to learn another “hard lesson”. She says she now wants to get on with the job of representing her community here in Belhus. That has been the trouble, along with her two colleagues Cllrs Charles and Wendy Curtis she has concerned herselffar to much with the South Ockendon Ward and neglected the people of Belhus Ward. Where were our Belhus Cllrs when the Belhus residents needed their support over the problems caused by the amount of Heavy Goods Vehicles [HGVs] thundering past their homes day and night. They openly OPPOSED the petition signed by 347 Belhus residents saying they could not support it because it was condoning an illegal act i.e the encroachment onto “green belt” land by Howard Tenens. The organiser of the petition, Ms Deirdre Lodge, along with those who helped her, has always made it clear that she did not condone any illegal act but felt that was an issue, if necessaary, to be settled through the courts and should not have prevented the Cllrs from showing solidarity and sympathy with the Belhus residents. To make matters worse Cllr Charles Curtis attended a planning meeting at which he personally spoke in opposition to what the residents wanted despite the fact he is the Chairman of Veoila Mardyke Trust an organisation that has links to the parent company [Veoila Waste Management?] which has a vested interest i.e. the building of houses on the Howard Tenens site, should it become vacant, So I ask what was the real reason for the Cllrs opposition? Again where were our Belhus Cllrs when the residents of Hamble Lane were having problems with flies, smells and noise caused by work being done by Rural Arisings who are developing that land into a “Country Park, work that has been continous for the past 2 years or so and is to continue for at least another 10 to 12 years. Cllr Wendy Curtis response at a SORA meeting was to say it was worth putting up with minor inconveniences such as flies, smells and noise for a few years if at the end of it the residents and their families have a nice country park to enjoy. The typical attitude of a Cllr who is not affected by the inconveniences but expects others to accept them without complaint. I can only assume that Sue Gray, as a Cllr and Chairperson of SORA, agrees with her.
    So Cllr Gray as you say, along with your two colleagues, get on with the job of representing your community here in Belhus Ward and leave the South Ockendon Ward to be represented by their own elected Councillors. Another lesson to learn Cllr Gray it is the residents of Belhus Ward who elected you, not the residents of Ockendon, and they rightfully expect Belhus Councillors to concern themselves with Belhus issues.

  3. Mr Perrin. This is the same old stuff being dragged up time and time again. You obviously have a personal act to grind with both Sue Gray and the Belhus councillors and your personal onslaught on their characters is getting awfully boring now. There was a time when i found your posts interesting to read but you have got caught up on this one issue and your dislike for the councillors that your quirky posts have been lost,

  4. Sting are you a belhus resident? if not how can you make a constructive comment in regards to peter perrin post. Your comments are of no value toward the belhus residents when we the residents find our selves neglected. It is we the residents that have to witness the abuse toward certain residents from our ward councillors. We are tired ourselves having to witness the ongoing onslaught which seems to manifest from the sora meetings each month, so when these councillors learn how to conduct themselves and stop praying on innocent resident we can move on.

  5. In response to Mr Sting, ie Sue Grays hubby!, I dont suppose you can look any further than beyond your own arm pit, you are like a computer, if you put crap in it can only give you crap back, so stop trying to move the issues on, this as only come about by, our three Belhus Councillors ignoreing the people who voted for them, so that they can help us in the BELHUS WARD, and not get involved in issuses that other, Ockendon councillors should be dealing with, I am sorry if you find Mr.P.Perrins comments hurtfull but, your other half as caused all the pain, along with her two mates Cllrs C & W Curtis, I noticed they havent been doing door to door with leaflets, promising that they will always be there, at the other end of the telephone, we have found to our miss fortunes that was a lie, they have abandoned the people of Belhus, to help the other councillors in Ockendon ward, we have heard that good old Sue Gray as been let off making Racist Remarks, saying and I quote ” I have learnt my lesson and wont be a naughty little councillor again, I only want to help my 8 friends, who think I am wonderful”, get a life Sue who do you thin k you are fooling, with all that false sentiment, I suppose you have to pat yourself on the back these days.We only want councillors who want to help us, and not some bunch of as beens, who only want to feather the own nests, and do as little to earn there money as they can, why dont you rename your SORA, to the United SUE GRAY Club, then you could run it like Blue Peter on TV..

  6. As I commented on Barry Johnson’s post we would all love to have a decent ward councillor such as Barry Johnson and not have to put up with the three ward councillors we are stuck with. I feel sting has got his wires crossed with regards to Mr Perrin. It is not he that is causing any conflict toward these ward councillors; it is they who are constantly abusing their position to victimise residents.
    Can I ask you sting are you being personally abused by your ward councillors? The answer is no, other wise you I think we would all agree, would not stop harping on about it. Let me give you a run down on what us residents have had to put up with. Seven years of having to put up with HGV lorries thundering past our homes day and night. Why, because Charlie Curtis decided to oppose his ward residents due to his own vested interests, residents have for years complained to him regarding the above and we either get no reply or his usual spiel (leave it with me.) Then we have Cllr Wendy Curtis who seems to want to be an Ockendon Cllr and is not content to be in her own ward. This councillor is vindictive and very spiteful to residents and she will discuss very personal information about a resident to others, (Peeping Tom) do you remember this Cllr Curtis? I dread to think what personal info this women might have discussed with others after her monthly surgery at the forum.
    As for the latest Saga at the SORA meeting last week, Six Councillors and very few residents were there to discuss the constitution but on arrival this was changed by the chair of Sora Cllr Sue Gray to personally attack Mr Perrin before anything had been discussed. It was at the intervention of the three Ockendon conservative councillors and the community police officer that actually stopped the cruel and vindictive behaviour of Sue Gray toward an Ockendon resident. Sting, if you feel this is acceptable behaviour then you I feel are a disgrace to society.

  7. What a load of rubbish, Sue Gray was never suspended in the first place. John Kent has not got the courage to do anything to his Labour Councillors whatever they do. It just proves what an embarrassment they have been and yet he does nothing except hang on with his finger nails to save his own job. Mrs Lodge is right he and the Labour lot are not fit for purpose, they should all be sent packing. What say you Sting or should we say Aaron Kiely.

  8. Oh dear what a web of deicent the three councillors weave, when they set out to fall the residents they are supposed to support, you know charlie the bloody idiots who voted for you, because they beleived your lies, at the last election, how does it go charlie mate?.leave it to me, give me a call I will fix it. and so on, the only thing he as managed to fix is a seat on Sora, with his vendictive wife Wendy, who hears all and tells all, but sadly doesnt know where Belbhus Ward is, or as we who live here, know she just doesnt want or care about us, or doesnt want to support us, and now we come to the grand old QUEEN of SORA, the sad excuse for a councillor, who throws a Sicky when she wants, and is very Racially prejurdised, she seems to forget all the coloured people who live in the Belhus Ward, you know Sue, the idiots who put you where you are today, what does she tell Yourthurrock, I am very sorry it wont happen again, because I will use the telephone, instead of the internet next time I am being haveing a laugh about the coloured people who voted for her, she is only worried about one thing, and one thing only, SORA and her Eight little mates who try to meet in private, and pass silly things that dont matter to anybody, and to alter the previous months minutes, so that they only favour themselves, so much for local democracey, I only hope that they all get voted off, and Labour take a large tumble along with there narrow minded politics.
    Cllr Sue Grays boy friend Aaron Kiely alias (Sting) as suddenly appeared out of the blue, to defend his one and only love, from those nasty evil people in the Belhus ward, who she as chosen to ignore along with Cllr’s Wendy and Charlie Curtis, I suggest my old Sting you disappear into the sunset before the old rotted pack of cards falls, one more thing did you name yourself after the pop group Sting Aaron? nice one son……………….

  9. Sting I am sorry that you are bored by my comments regarding the Belhus Councillors and that you feel that I am dragging up the same old stuff time and time again. Unlike you a regular reader and contributor to Your Thurrock there may be some people who only occasionally visiti the pages of YT or it could be their first visit who will be reading not only my comments but yours as well and hopefully be informed and enlightened by them. There are many Belhus residents who feel they have been badly served by their Councillors but have no option than to vote for them because they would prefer a Labour Councillor rather than one from another Party, a case of “Hobsons choice” i.e a somewhat limited choice. You say I obviously have a personal axe to grind and that I have made a personal onslaught on their characters my reply is that it is not me who has attacked anyones character but it is they who have personally attacked my character and have tried to discredit me at every opportunity. My comments about them have been purely to do with their roles as Councillors and in Sue Gray’s case her role as Chairperson of the South Ockendon Residents Association [SORA]. You may consider that I am going on and on about the Belhus Councillors and that you are bored by it but a large number of Belhus residents see it differently and view my comments as holding the Councillors to account. What do you suggest we do shut-up, forget about it and go away and allow the Councillors to continue in their own sweet way. I hope you will not see this as a personal attack upon you but accept it is a response to your comments 13 April 2011, 9:51pm.

  10. Just reading into the above posts and not just Mr Perrins you can see clear characer assassinations going on and i want no part of this so for that reason i will not be putting up any new posts on this article. In all of my posts i stick to clear fact but the posts above are much more about individual people. The people of Belhus will make up their own minds on May 5th, some will agree with you and some will not and as i have said many times this is democracy in action.

    Agian i will say i am NOT Aaron Keiley or Sue Grays partner and am not related to either of them in any way shape or form. And neither am i related to Cllr Curtis.

    Mr Perrin you will have seen many of my posts on here because you know that i am a regular contributer on a wide range of subjets across Thurrock and not just on councillor profiles. I contribute all year round and not just on the run up to elections and i will continue to do so. I know i intrigue you and maybe one day…

    I have no personal grudge to bear and in the past i have found your posts informative but they have become more personal and i am not happy to read this. If you was to be honest you know that Cllr Curtis has served his community well over the last 4 years and has been a good peoples champion. Cllr Sue Gray was voted in because the community voted for her as a person who wants to help and make a difference, she is not a political animal but she will stand up for her community and work hard for her residents that is why she received the biggest % of votes than any other Thurrock councillor. When it comes to her elections next year the residents will have the chance to judge her performance and vote her in or out.

    There is a simple solution to this whole episode- leave it to Thurrock Council to sort out the planning issues around this site. If Tennenes have a right to do what they are doing or are planning to do then permission will be granted if not they will be made to stop and that should be the end of the whole episode.

    I only hope that Thurrock Council sort this sooner rather than later so that the community can hopefully build some bridges and move on to other stuff.

  11. I have read Stings latest denials, it is a shame that a man of great words chooses to hide behind the fact that he does know, the three Belhus cllr’s very well, because of the way he uses words like Cllr Charlie Curtis is a champion of people, then why doesnt he come down to Belhus where is supposed to be our councillor, and speak to us instead of telling everybody what great things he as done for us all, I cant think of any that I am aware of, other than grand gestures just before local elections, my only complaint is, if a person or persons are duly elected to serve and speak for a group of people (8000+) why is it then that when elected, as you say by the people, they go off and serve people who didnt vote for them, and when he is challenged he tells lies such, as I can lift an Enforcement Notice, well not in your dreams can an ordinary councillor lift an official Enforecement Notice, another set of lies was that he sat in on every meeting with Howard Tenens and residents of Belhus ward, and never told anybody until he was found out, that he was the Chairperson of the Veolia Group who want to buy the site, and build houses on it, thats private houses not houses, for ordinary council tenants, I could go on, but the lies he told when he visited our homes, with leaflets stating that he was always there, at the end of the telephone, well at least until he got elected.
    Cllr Sue Gray the queen of SORA, the cllr who makes up rules and minutes for sora meetings as she goes along, she is vindictive and can set her croomie mates, which include the other two Belhus cllr’s onto anybody who tries to speak at her meetings, in the passed she incited an assault on a 78 year old man, for asking her simple questions, she denied it but it was witnessed by memebers of the public, she even tried to close the last sora meeting, because she couldt get her own way, she was only stopped by, two Tory cllr’s and a policeman, is this the people you are defending, Sting or is it Aaron?..
    How can we leave it to the Thurrock Council if they are cllr’s who help make the decisions.


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