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Litter bugs to be named and shamed as review sees cleaner Thurrock

A WIDE-RANGING review and a pilot study in Tilbury has highlighted that Thurrock can be made cleaner through a “change in approach to working practices”.

At last nights (Wednesday) meeting of the Thurrock council cabinet, the cabinet recommended a number of new strategies based on the review including targeting special areas, more work in schools and naming and shaming offenders.

The review was presented by councillors’ Diane Revell and Steve Liddiard. They pointed to a number of difficulties including having to deal with a large number of agencies when dealing with some problems.

Tilbury councillor Lynn Worrall congratulated the group. Cllr Worrall said: “It has been great to see so many street cleaners out in the Tilbury area. It is also clear that they are working a lot more smarter and so making great in roads.”

The idea of the Thurrock Music Services composing a “Litter Song” was rubbished in some quarters but portfolio holder, cllr Val Morris-Cook said: “In Greenwich kindergartens, they have a comic book with litter characters.

“We have got to nurture the message among the young and then the message will grow.


  1. TBC will have to tread carefully if they intend to name and shame individuals as they could fall foul of the law in respect of privacy and human rights

  2. Concentrate on Town Centres especially Grays – Saturday / Sunday. Council Workers have unenviable job. Laziness of Brits is appalling just look at Bridge over Crossing Friday to Saturday.

  3. This failed Labour administration couldn’t name and shame anyone as they don’t have the balls to prosecute.

  4. Well said Vince we are so very lazy now and have become a nation of “it’s the councils job to do it ” and “no worries the council wil clear it up ” society.
    The cleaners have a never ending and thankless task and i agree with Val Morris Cook when she said that educating them young then hopefully it will spread from there .
    People need to take more pride in their area and before people come up with “there’s not enough litter bins around any more” argument for people throwing rubbish on the floor ,i can see why they say that however the bins we used to have were allways being vandalised and burnt out ect and they aren’t cheap to replace.
    If blitzing particularly bad areas (i’m not saying Tilbury is a bad area all of Thurrock in places has bad areas and Tilbury was probably just the pilot for this new scheme) instead of just following a set rota of doing certain roads e.g tuesday is sweeping a quiet village road that is perfectly clean but has to be done every tuesday because it’s on the rota ect then hopefully we will see a more cleaner Thurrock where people will less likely to throw litter on the floor due to the fact it’s cleaner now and slowly people will realise and be less likely to drop litter .

  5. “We have got to nurture the message among the young and then the message will grow.”

    What a sad indictment of the youth of Thurrock when a cllr. has to say this. Most people of my generation would never have even thought of dropping litter on the pavement, it was drummed into us from a very young age not to do so, if there wasn’t a bin to drop things in, you simply took it home and dropped it in the dustbin at home.

    Another thing that really annoys me is seeing motorists throwing litter out of the car when driving along.


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