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Ockendon attempt murder trial: “You did nothing to help her”

ONE OF the two males, accused of the attempted murder of Ockendon woman, Amanda Stephenson, was accused by the prosecution of standing by, while his co-accused stabbed her ten times, a court heard.

Christopher Rowe, 23, Dart Green, South Ockendon is accused, along with a sixteen- year-old (who cannot be named for legal reasons) of attempted murder, wounding with intent and possession of an offensive weapon on the 19th September, 2010.

Defence counsel, Richard Kelly asked Rowe to describe the events of the evening within Ms Stephenson’s flat in Celandine Close.

Rowe said: “It was a relaxed atmosphere. We chatted and drank lemonade. I looked at CDs while the other two chatted on the sofa”.

Rowe told the jury at Basildon Crown Court that the next thing he saw was Ms Stephenson on the ground.

Rowe said: “She was lying on the floor and there was blood on her dressing gown.”

He added: “I looked at him and he looked crazed and angry.

“I took out my knife and told him we should go”.

Rowe explained to the jury that he felt that he had to stay with the co-accused. Rowe said: “I was worried that he would run off and blame me for doing it.”

Prosecuting counsel Andrew Jackson QC took Rowe back to the moment of the stabbing.

He said: “Are you telling us that you were a few feet from Ms Stephenson when she was stabbed but heard nothing?”

Rowe repeated that that he first noticed something was wrong when she was on the floor.

Mr Jackson continued: “You did nothing to help her. She lay there bleeding and you ran away. You could have ushered him out and then locked the door and helped her.”

Rowe repeated that it was the truth and that his priority was to get the co-accused out of the flat.

Mr Jackson asked Rowe to account for his possession of a knife in the first place.

Rowe said: “It is always in the jacket I was wearing”.

Mr Jackson put it to Rowe that the whole attack had been planned.

Rowed denied the accusation.

Rowe denies all the charges.

The youth denies the charge of attempted murder but has pled guilty to a charge of wounding with intent and possession of an offensive weapon.

The case continues.



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