Thursday, June 20, 2024

The end to cruising at Lakeside?

Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle-Price has welcomed news that the Highways Agency is to take action which may end the menace of car cruising at Lakeside.

For a number of years residents and motorists have been plagued by the menace of the noise and dangerous conditions generated by the cruisers who come from far and wide to race around the roads of West Thurrock and Lakeside.

Police have been clear that in order to tackle the problem, changes needed to be made to the road layout. After years of discussion involving the police and the local authority the Chief Executive of the Highways Agency has written to the MP to confirm that the Highways Agency will deliver changes to the road layout at the A13/A126 roundabout as requested by the police. The changes are set to be implemented by the end of May.

Jackie said, “This is welcome news for motorists and residents alike. It was only a matter of time before there was a serious accident. This has been a menace for years. Finally everyone is signed up to the action that needs to be taken to deal with this problem.

We will however need to continue to be vigilant about this problem. It has become a very well established destination for cruisers and these people will be looking for somewhere else to go. I would encourage the police, the Highways Agency and the local authority to maintain dialogue on this so that the problem can continue to be managed.”


  1. Why change the road layout? surely all teh police have to do is to remove the cars, if these “drivers” are racing and performing stunts then if they do not have racing insurance they are driving in contravention to their policy and therefore uninsured, cese the vehicle and crush it, word will soon get around and the problem will start to cease.

    Start taking a zero tolleance attitude to these mindless idiot and this will stamp it out


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