Saturday, June 15, 2024

Mayor and MP “snubbed” by no-invite to Port of Tilbury 125th celebrations

INITIALLY, the Mayor Anne Cheale and Deputy Mayor Tunde Ojetola seemed to be mildly surprised more than anything that they were not invited to the Port of Tilbury’s 125th anniversary but as they were asked more and more it clearly became a bit of an issue and could have given the impression that they simply didn’t bother to turn up.

Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle Price had the event in her packed diary but attended a number of other events that day.

The same applied to the Portfolio Holder, cllr Lynn Worrall who doubles up as the Tilbury councillor, whom, along with many other councillors, had no idea that the event was taking place.

Cllr Worrall seemed a little bit more vexed that no invitations had gone out.

She said: “I think we should have been invited. It was an important date in the borough’s history and civic year.

“I went down as a resident but there didn’t seem to be many residents there either.”

A spokesperson for the Port of Tilbury said: “This was an open day for the local community, employees and anyone who wanted to come along-invitations were not necessary.

The Mayor and Cllr Worrall would have been very welcome.”


  1. Do not worry – the Port has agreed to make it up to you by giving us all a Lorry Park! PR Disaster

  2. The dock tour by an old London double-decker bus was enjoyable but didnt appear to be very well prepared. Even the some of the internal gate security men were surprised.
    But the exhibition inside the Cruise terminal was very well presented, shame that the next door former rail & ferry buildings are in such a miserable state.


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