Monday, January 30, 2023

Ken Livingstone boosts Labour campaign

FORMER Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone joined forces with the Thurrock Labour team to boost their election campaign ahead of the May 5th local elections.

Campaigners know that the next two weeks will zoom by with the extended holidays, so it needs to be all hands in deck.

So Ken came across on the ferry from Gravesend to meet the team before heading off to Ockendon where hopes are high of taking the seat off the Conservatives.

YT spoke to Mr Livingstone and discussed with him what issues he would be bringing up on the doorstep.


  1. Just over two weeks to Elections – now get yourselves out and about Comrades – Thurrock needs Labour

  2. i’m not sure having red ken poking his nose into thurrock will be much of a vote winner,maybe the opposite.

  3. Oh well thats the last nail in the coffin for the Labour party then 🙂

    Yep only two weeks left until the elections and I am still waiting for any part to actually visit or leaflet drop so that we know what they are proposing to do, as I have said before, if these lazy politicians/councillors cant be arsed to canvass for votes and tell us their proposals then why shoudl I be arsed to vote for any of them, is this just typical of Councillors who want an easy life???????

  4. In Chadwell St Mary we have only had a Labour Party leaflet drop so far.
    Arn’t the other parties going to bother?


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