Ward by Ward: Chadwell St Mary

WE have no doubt that portfolio holder for adult social care, cllr Tony Fish will be returned on May 5th. Tony is a local resident and has been active in politics for decades.

He is one of those mild mannered councillors that hides his light under the proverbial bushel but he also suffers, by his own admission, from a presentation problem, in that, under pressure, in council, he does not appear confident or in charge of his brief. He had a hard job following on from the Tory portfolio holder, Amanda Arnold, who was an outstanding portfolio holder and very confident. Whereas Tony often looks like he is reading from John Kent’s notes.

The public couldn’t give two hoots for any of that and want to know if adult social care is in good hands and certainly issues regarding the NHS. It is clearly a concern out on the street where people are aware that there are now 210 operations that you are unable to get due to budgetary pressures within the South West Essex PCT.

There has always been an impressive second placed performance at Chadwell. Last year, it was Tory Shane Hebb who gathered up 1268 votes. Lee Dove will struggle to do the same, especially now the coalition are in power but he is a local man and could make inroads.

You would have also thought that UKIP may also take a few votes here. There campaign may be made up of handing out copies of the Daily Express and driving around in a van (apart from Tim Aker) but people may just put an x in their box in Chadwell and many other wards.

The BNP had a tremendous showing in 2007 in Chadwell and that was when they could have made inroads before they turned into the Judeas Peoples Front.

The Lib-Dems would also have had a chance last year but this year may well take a big hit.

YT prediction: Lab hold:  250 maj

Chadwell St. Mary

James Nicholas Baker (United Kingdom Independence Party)
Derek William Beackon (British National Party)
Natalie Butcher (Liberal Democrat)
Lee Dove (Conservative)
Anthony William Fish (Labour)

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