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Tories go for broke in battleground Aveley

THE red lines may have been rising on the thermostats this weekend but a blue wave poured over the Kenningtons estate in Aveley as the Tories went door to door as the countdown continues for the May 5th election.

MP Jackie Doyle Price plus Tory leader Garry Hague and a dozen other Conservatives joined Aveley candidate Maureen Pearce on the doorstep.

Whilst the Tory rank and file flooded the area, Independent candidate and former Tory Mayor Colin Churchman was also in the area. Joined by his daughter Shelley, Colin could be seen to have a wry smile on his face and looked rather flattered as the Tories had brought personnel down from Boris Johnson’s team to take him on.

It must be confusing for the Aveley electorate as they had to grapple with the fact that Colin was a former Conservative Aveley councillor who was now running as an Independent. If they asked where outgoing Aveley councillor John Cowell was, they would have been told that he had also left the party and if asked where the two remaining councillors were? they would have been told that cllrs Wendy Herd and Amanda Prevost were not available!

It seems clear that election organiser cllr Rob Gledhill is putting in a power of work to organise the Tory campaign but it does appear that like last year and as organisers Charlie Key and Eddie Hardiman found to their frustration that it doesn’t appear to be a team game. Then again, look who won last year?

YT caught up with Rob to gauge the mood in the Conservative camp.


  1. I was hoping that YourThurrock would be interviewing the camera shy Conservative candidate Maureen Pearce toexplain to the electorate of Aveley why people should be bothering to vote for her.

    Instead we have the ever expanding, Tory leadership hopeful, Councillor Gledhill bemoaning that Labour activists from outside the area are helping out yet the article above mentions helpers from Boris Johnson’s team are helping in Thurrock. Mr Gledhill is being rather hypocritical.

    One thing that is missing is the local manifestos. Exactly what will the tories do that is different from Labour? After all the tories rubber stamped 99.6% of the Labour budget. So come on political parties tell us what you will be doing for Thurrock if you took control of Thurrock council?

    And please more interviews from the candidates rather than party flunkies.

  2. Dave this is the first time anyone has pointed out that Labour run Thurrock Council,My question is why has none of the Labour literature ever mentioned this fact?Everthing i see tells me what they are going to do , what about” what they have already done”?

  3. I am sure that the lawyers representing Cory Environmental Trust and Thurrock Council will be VERY SURPRISED to hear that Rob Gledhill and the Thurrock Tories are still intent on privatising Grays Park Beach. The press releases have clearly stated that Cory would be claiming back over a million pounds if the council even try to privatise the park.

    But this is typical of the Thurrock Tories, they do as they please regardless of the costs to the Thurrock taxpayers.

    If the park runs at a loss to the taxpayers so what, pay for it out of council tax money like we do every other park in Thurrock including Coal House Fort…………….. the only way a park could be run by a private organisation is if you charged people to use the park. Is there anything you want to share with the residents of Thurrock Cllr Gledhill?

  4. Editor’s Note

    We interviewed Maureen Pearce on Saturday.
    The piece will be up on Thursday or Friday.
    From our perspective, Maureen has always been amenable for interview.

  5. Sting get your head out your arse, Gledhill clearly said not privatised. Getting some one into manage it is not privatisation. Your overt 1970 socialist postings are only fit for student union meetings so stick to them.

  6. This is privatisation via the back door.

    People/organisations will not manage the park for free. Impulse Leisure manage the councils swimming pools for them at a cost of £600k per year to the Thurrock tax payers.

    As Gledhill refers to Impulse in his interview perhaps Thurrock Tories are looking at giving Impulse the Grays Park Beach to run for the council and giving them more management fees.

    Where is the benefit for Thurrock residents and their children? Where would the saving be to the councils budgets?

  7. Were Impulse meant to be running the Leisure Centres as a Trust and making ends meet but have consitantly failed to do this and take hand outs from TBC every year to clear debts? if that is indeed the case then maybe privatisation is the way to go with both this and Grays Beach, that way it will be ran as a business and not a charity.

    TBC have been inept at running any of the public services so why should they continue to throw money at the wall every year


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