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Election 2011: Ward by Ward: Chafford and North Stifford

THIS should be a straight forward one. The Conservative candidate is Chafford resident Simon Wootton. Simon has previous council experience over in South Woodham Ferrers as well as a stint as a special constable. He seems an affable chap who looks like he will produce a solid job for the people of Chafford.

He has the appearance of a man who will work the back bench and do his bit. At this time, the party probably needs some solid backbenchers who are happy to do the ward work and bring more backbone and less edge. We will see.

The Lib Dems have first timer, James Donald. A keen young man. You have the feeling that Chafford could be a ripe area for a Lib Dem councillor. You get the feeling it could be the right cultural quarry from which to develop a party base. Indeed, who can forget the legendary Earnshaw Palmer. We do hope that the near full slate of Lib Dems is not just a one time AV thing.

It is the first time for Gus Nwanze for Labour. There are issues out there that can be exploited by Labour. For example, the problems with the Drake Road Community Centre.

YT Prediction: Cons Hold: 180

Chafford & North Stifford
James Donald (Liberal Democrat)
Gus Nwanze (Labour)
Adrian Short (United Kingdom Independence Party)
Simon Wootton (Conservative)


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