Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Grant’s Blog: Politicans. Keep it local

Our Scottish correspondent has been mulling over a number of issues on the run up to the elections on Thursday but he suspects that for a nation that prides itself on its patriotism, it is printing its Scottish election leaflets in……England.

“It is often the case that in the backwaters of northern Engerland, (known as Scotland) the great political debates rumble on without any real concern and a positive lack of credulity and passion, not at least on the part of the politicians. With local elections forthcoming in the south, a complete vote for Scotland’s new government and the AV referendum in full flow UK wide much has been made of the politicians’ new and informed grasp of the peoples mood, an incisive and in depth understanding of what makes them tick. Whilst trying not to laugh or ridicule, outwith some permitted giggling, they have still failed to grasp some fundamentals…

For years, all politicians, even those who are shareholders in some of the largest supermarket chains, have banged on about shopping local, buying local, supporting your local store and shopkeepers, support your local business its good for the community!..I think the phrase ‘ my posterior ‘ ( polite version) should spring to mind when ever any politician now says such a thing. It doesn’t take a lot of digging to find how little credence can be put into these political espousements especially when a look around the advertising and campaigning brochures shows that the majority have been printed outwith the local burgh and in some cases printed as far south from Scotland as Devon.

Holy cow I’ve never been that far south!!. Remarkably the same situation has arisen in a brochure recently seen circulating in London  that was printed in Perth, thankfully not Perth Australia…take the time to read the endless pamphlets that arrive through your door, yes many may well be recycled, many may even be a reasonable read, but … and i’ll bet my hat on it, almost none, if any will be have been done by your high street printer….what message does that send…

As is my want I sent some e mails to the respective candidates and asked for their brief opinion regarding this. Of these only one, the former chancellor, had the decency to respond and to confirm that his candidacy literature and that of his preferred candidate in Edinburgh, is by majority printed in his home town. He is and remains a supporter of local business as he knows such investment yields votes… you can’t fault his courtesy or his thinking…

Thus the question, how can you trust a politician who won’t support local business, who won’t pass a brass farthing to them despite the onset of recession, the tumbling of businesses into insolvency and the destruction… in real terms.. you cant…and to what end you may say, well, if you cant trust them about supporting your local business what can you trust them about…after all business equals jobs… equals income… equals prosperity….

Perhaps people should ask how much it costs to print literature outwith the local area, perhaps they get discount, or perhaps they are incentivised… then again would they be so stupid as to take benefit…. Well they have all been there before… the counter argument is some do actually support their businesses… but haystack and needle springs to mind. On this note, many years ago I was advised never to trust a man who dyes his hair…a man who dyes his hair is and never will be truthful!!!…admittedly the man who said this was bald and perhaps slightly angry regarding his follicular loss but take a look at the current cabinet, take a good look at all those chaps in parliament and do a straw pole, which of them doesn’t actually dye their hair!!!, indeed im sure Cleggys hair changes colour each day..I dread to think of why a PR chap would suggest they do as most of todays yoof  ridicule such a poor attempt to stay young..after all berlusconni will do anything that makes him look younger and he is happy to admit it…arguably one of his few creditable ventures…but then again, given how many of our elected throng are doing it is it their way of supporting local business,  after all they must buy it somewhere……I wonder if Wella or Just for Men do a franchise..


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