Election 2011: Ward by Ward: Tilbury Riverside and Thurrock Park

We come to writing the assessment for the last two wards, just twenty four hours before the polling stations open.

This seat comes up after three years of being represented by the BNP’s Emma Colgate. Unlike Aveley, there isn’t a bunfight for the right wing votes but instead a number of candidates simply setting out their causes on all the local issues.

By far the most impressive candidate is the Independent Keith Hatcher, whose brand of common sense and desire to make council’s accountable is to be highly commended. Keith understands the labyrinth of bureaucratic procedure and he could be a real asset to the council especially on a committee such as planning.

The consensus is that voters will revert back to Labour and local girl, Claire Baldwin is getting her big chance after a number of years as a loyal footsoldier. Claire isn’t likely to set the world on fire if she gets in but that isn’t what the chamber needs nor indeed, more importantly, residents. It tool Lynn Worrall some time to get going. What they need is someone who will deal with the mountain of correspondance they get down in Tilbury and perhaps her best guide is the quiet but very very effective cllr Steve Liddiard.

Speaking of footsoldiers, hats off again to Georgette Polley who has always been a credit to the Conservative Party. She is standing again in a challenging seat (as is her husband Paul in East Tilbury) but year in year out, Georgette gets out there to represent her party. The widows mite comes to mind and as a good catholic girl, she knows what we mean.

YT Prediction: Lab gain: 150

Tilbury Riverside & Thurrock Park

Clare Esther Baldwin (Labour)
Michael Braun (British National Party)
Keith John Hatcher (Independent)
Georgette Polley (Conservative)

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