Friday, February 3, 2023

Election 2011: Ward by Ward: Tilbury Riverside and Thurrock Park

We come to writing the assessment for the last two wards, just twenty four hours before the polling stations open.

This seat comes up after three years of being represented by the BNP’s Emma Colgate. Unlike Aveley, there isn’t a bunfight for the right wing votes but instead a number of candidates simply setting out their causes on all the local issues.

By far the most impressive candidate is the Independent Keith Hatcher, whose brand of common sense and desire to make council’s accountable is to be highly commended. Keith understands the labyrinth of bureaucratic procedure and he could be a real asset to the council especially on a committee such as planning.

The consensus is that voters will revert back to Labour and local girl, Claire Baldwin is getting her big chance after a number of years as a loyal footsoldier. Claire isn’t likely to set the world on fire if she gets in but that isn’t what the chamber needs nor indeed, more importantly, residents. It tool Lynn Worrall some time to get going. What they need is someone who will deal with the mountain of correspondance they get down in Tilbury and perhaps her best guide is the quiet but very very effective cllr Steve Liddiard.

Speaking of footsoldiers, hats off again to Georgette Polley who has always been a credit to the Conservative Party. She is standing again in a challenging seat (as is her husband Paul in East Tilbury) but year in year out, Georgette gets out there to represent her party. The widows mite comes to mind and as a good catholic girl, she knows what we mean.

YT Prediction: Lab gain: 150

Tilbury Riverside & Thurrock Park

Clare Esther Baldwin (Labour)
Michael Braun (British National Party)
Keith John Hatcher (Independent)
Georgette Polley (Conservative)


  1. What a very confident woman Clare Baldwin is.
    It will be great to have a full slate of Labour Councillors back in Tilbury again.

    The dark cloud will be no more after thursday.

  2. All too often you see people stand on single issue and that is the problem with Keith Hatcher. He is a nice enough man and is indeed a very intellegent man but his whole issue is the lorry park, the same issue he stood for last year and lost on. Your wonder if he would be able to tell you what the issues are that face a typical family on the Broadway Estate or the Beeches.

    Clare Baldwin is well grounded and as the article says has spent years learning the ropes both in the town on the doorstep in local and general elections. For the last 2 years you would find her sitting in the public gallery at full council and at times asking very difficult questions of those in control.

    Clare has waited for the right time to stand as councillor and i agree she will not set the chamber alight but she will be a Tilbury voice in the chamber and work all year round for what is right for the community of Tilbury and Thurrock Park.

    Anbody that has met Clare Baldwin will know if she thinks that Tilbury is missing out at the council then she will be there to make sure the residents are well represented and get whats due to them.

    Thurrock Tories have never cared for Tilbury so much so they have not even put out an election leaflet this time round. They only care what happens in the suburbs of Orsett, Chafford and Fobbing.

  3. Mrs Tapestry: thanks for the link to Lancaster Unity! A glance at the standard of replies (or lack of standards) would indicate their readers to be a mob of semi-literate, unwashed scruffs. It makes me realise just how important is the issue of birth control!

  4. Like a poor marksman, Tapestry, you keep missing the target. I live in central London.

    Something you should know – at least two of the comments posted on that site are demonstrably false, and extremely libellous. Be a little wary of spreading links to such misinformation.

  5. Why would somebody living in Central London keep popping up on this site every time a post appears concerning Mr Braun?

    You must think the people of Thurrock are thick.

  6. Unlike Labour voters, we believe in free speech. Why shouldn’t people comment on lies & misinformation? I have as much right to comment here as you do.

    I feel sure you are not a typical example of the ‘people of Thurrock’.

  7. Who is we all of a sudden?

    There are screenshots of BNP candidates appalling comments on facebook.
    They have been caught red handed.

    Free speech doesn’t mean BNP officials can encourage violence through Facebook against ethnic Minorities and Gay people.

    Its pretty obvious who you are now and you are going to be on the end of a right good election hiding tomorrow night. I am looking forward to watching you suffer.

  8. I would say that although I beleive Clare baldwin will win this election I don’t think she will win by 150 mr casey!
    Keith Hatcher has alot of people from Thurrock Park behind him althought Clare and the BNP will be fighting for the votes in the Tilbury Riverside ward.

    Clare will win and she does deserve it as she has worked extremely hard for the Labour Party for many years now and has been in the office in tilbury keeping it open to help those people that have come since October last year.

    Good luck to Clare and to Keith Hatcher if there was AV then it would be my number 1 and number 2 vote for them, dependant on where you live?.


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