Sunday, June 23, 2024

Champagne moment for Charlie as he wins Belhus

THE RETIRED boxer was never on the ropes, he was floating like a bee. Sometimes in newspapers, you can get a distorted sense of what is important and what is not to the majority of residents. As we said elsewhere, the residents of Stanford couldn’t give two figs for Winegate etc. It is the provision of services and the welfare of the public that is at the forefront of their minds.

Charlie increased his majority from 27 in 2007 to 641!

The Tories have got to have a long hard look at themselves in Belhus and Ockendon. Their campaigning just doesn’t come up to the mark. Lovely Rita was left to her own devices.

Charles Curtis (Labour): 1,034
Rita Ajidagba (Conservative): 393
Chris Baker (United Kingdom Independence Party): 301
Sue Sibthorpe (British National Party): 219
Tracy Rowe (Liberal Democrat): 55

Majority: 641



  1. What a pity that the Tories and Lib dems and others didnt put any leaflets through any of the doors in the Belhus ward, it left the door open to good old Charley, who stumbles and fumbles like a flee, I love to read that, he is concerned about Stanford le Hope, because he doesnt give a fig for the residents of Belhus, he hasnt been near us for years, but can be seen spending his time on the flowers estate, and anywhere else other than his own ward, perhaps this timehe will listern to his residents in the Belhus Ward, and if he doesnt know where that is, we will send him a map of the area, because it has been a very long time since he visited it.


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