Sunday, June 16, 2024

Former mayor Maureen comes back to win Aveley

Aveley & Uplands

Maureen Pearce (Conservative): 626
Colin Churchman (Independent): 551
Tim Aker (United Kingdom Independence Party): 528
Clifford Holloway (Labour): 497
John Livermore (Liberal Democrat): 45

Majority: 76
Turnout: 35%

What can we say? Another example of great campaigning by the Tories. They flooded the area and saw off the opposition. It is strange that the opposition were both former Tories but that’s Thurrock!

Maureen’s acceptance speech won’t quite be there with Martin Luther King but that’s democracy. Aveley councillors are there for their residents and you could sense that.

As we said, people are concerned about services and the green belt not personalities.

Once again, well done to Colin and Tim. You serve local democracy so well. We hope you don’t give up. The Labour vote also held up very well. You all reduced the majority and increased the turnout from four years ago by 7%.

Just one more thing. We all remember the right wing leaflet. You hand it out you stand by it. When you put “Consigning political correctness to the dustbin of history” next to immigration, the St George cross, the Euro, don’t try and kid us that it means “Calm down dear”. We know exactly what it meant.


  1. I wonder what sort of relationship Maureen Pearce will have with Cllr Tunde Ojeotola considering she was elected on th back of a totaly racist leaflet.

  2. I would just like to say how proud i am of my dad. He has worked so hard this last month running his campaign day in, day out more or less singlehandly. Although obviously he didnt get the result he was hoping for today i think coming second and falling behind by a mere 76 votes it such a fantastic acheivement. Maureen had the whole Tory party behind her, quite a few of them coming down from London, people who know nothing about the people of Aveley or even Thurrock. Considering these people were putting her leaflets together and were out in force fighting her battle right until the very last day she didnt exactly win by an incredible majority did she. I think it can easily be said that my dad could have won this if he had even a 10th of the help that she did. Which i think is quite ironic considering the conservatives said that he “can’t win” in both their literature and on the doorstep. Again, well done dad me and kristy are so proud of you. Its just frustrating that for the last two years you have been working so hard to help the people of Aveley to work towards improving our area, where have the conservatives been? Its just as shame that the 626 people that voted yet another conservative in are naive enough to think that anything will change.

  3. The big question is will Tunde Ojetola be Mayor this year?

    As for the leaflet they should be ashamed of themselves. I hope YourThurrock and Labour hold thetories to account for it.

    Still the tories managed to bluff their way out of those leaked tory minutes that showed they were considering not standing candidates in Tilbury so the BNP would get elected. But of course they were fake weren’t they ex councillor Barry?


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