Former mayor Maureen comes back to win Aveley

Aveley & Uplands

Maureen Pearce (Conservative): 626
Colin Churchman (Independent): 551
Tim Aker (United Kingdom Independence Party): 528
Clifford Holloway (Labour): 497
John Livermore (Liberal Democrat): 45

Majority: 76
Turnout: 35%

What can we say? Another example of great campaigning by the Tories. They flooded the area and saw off the opposition. It is strange that the opposition were both former Tories but that’s Thurrock!

Maureen’s acceptance speech won’t quite be there with Martin Luther King but that’s democracy. Aveley councillors are there for their residents and you could sense that.

As we said, people are concerned about services and the green belt not personalities.

Once again, well done to Colin and Tim. You serve local democracy so well. We hope you don’t give up. The Labour vote also held up very well. You all reduced the majority and increased the turnout from four years ago by 7%.

Just one more thing. We all remember the right wing leaflet. You hand it out you stand by it. When you put “Consigning political correctness to the dustbin of history” next to immigration, the St George cross, the Euro, don’t try and kid us that it means “Calm down dear”. We know exactly what it meant.

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