Monday, January 30, 2023

Rock revival weekend at All Saints, Chafford

We Are Revival are a band from Coventry, UK. They will be playing their brand of loud christian thrash metal at the All Saints Church on Drake Road on Saturday May 27th at 7pm.

For full details go to the We Are Revival facebook page.

The band started in Early 2010 as a coming together of musical styles, ideas and concepts.

Its hard to imagine how a small band would make such a monumental noise but these guys have managed it.

Releasing their first record “There Is Strength In you Yet” on Redeemer Records in February 2011 they have seen their fan base broaden and much acclaim at the gigs they play all over the UK from Edinburgh to London all the way to Cheltenham and around the midlands.

To describe the band musically would be a journalistic nightmare but the best way is to listen to them here: and see what you think.

The band draw a broad influence from acts such as : Thrice, La Dispute, Isis, My Epic and have been compared to bands such as Cave In, AFI, and James to confuse matters further.

We Are Revival never the less are a Rock band mixing in Hardcore, a strong DIY ethic and a sense of musicianship and professionalism wherever they go. They pride themselves on being a real band, not a scene, a haircut or passing trend.


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