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Aveley residents concerns over Bluelands Quarry application

SOMETIMES WE wonder if Aveley councillor, Wendy Herd must feel like King Canute. Year after year, Wendy appears in various parts of her ward attempting to stem the tide of planning applications submitted to the Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation (DC).

Cllr Herd as some satisfaction in that the DC will cease to exist in ten months time but until then she will continue to fight the good fight.

An application to develop the Bluelands Quarry on the Aveley Uplands is being submitted to the DC tomorrow (Monday).

YT spoke to cllr Herd near to the quarry to hear what the concerns of the local residents were.


  1. Wendy so glad you are okay as you wasn’t about a lot during local elections to support your fellow Tory group. Why is it you are out campaigning against this site when you supported the Aveley by pass in the LDF Core strategy on the 27th January 2010 in full council? Or have you a more sinister reason. Considering you were on the health and wellbeing committee unquestionably you should have learnt you could set your blood pressure off you look very red faced perhaps that was because you walked up the hill i suggest you should take on a more vigorous role in Aveley and it will also help you shed a few pounds as well. Local man Mr C Churchmen has been out supporting the Arc Group and supporting the Bus route and other local residents perhaps he could give you some help and support moreover the aveley forum is still open for residents if you would like to sit in on the meetings its nice to see you out and about in Aveley Wendy

  2. albert, what a nasty post. What point is it that you are trying to make? I suggest that you stick to comments about policy (if that’s what you are trying to do, you post isn’t clear) and stop making personal comments that are clearly intended to offend.
    It’s pointless, childish and downright rude.

  3. Well said Grays64, there really is no need for such poison. I would also point out that Cllr. Herd was re-elected last year with a commanding majority (beating Mr. Churchman into third place I might add).

    Any reader of Your Thurrock would have read numerous stories that show Cllr. Herd has been a stalwart when it comes to defending Aveley against inappropriate planning applications – Like the one in Ship Lane, when former Councillor St. Clair-Haslam went out of his way to make an illegal planning decision, which would have seen a scaffolding site built on green belt. She has also opposed the building of 550 homes on green belt near Kenningtons. Of course, it wasn’t election time then so there was no sign of any other opposition from certain ‘independent’ candidates or other political parties. I also think Cllr. Herd did some good work in holding Basildon Hospital to account. Now we see her standing up for residents in Watts Wood. If every ward had such champions as Wendy Herd and Amanda Prevost, there might be more faith in local councillors. I’m sure Maureen Pearce will prove just as effective given she has lived in Aveley for 40 years.

    Albert, your posts generally do lack sophistication but this is a new low for even you.

  4. Turner what is it, a case of the “pot calling the kettle black” you are forever being rude and very offensive and last week made the false accusation that I was Mr Hipsey. As for Cllr Herd if she did not behave so confusingly and one minute claim to be supporting the residents of Aveley in opposing the building of 350 new homes on greenbelt off the Aveley bypass only to betray the same residents by voting for such building to be included in the core strategy at the full council meeting on the 27th Janaury 2010! As for the 550 homes she opposed on the greenbelt opposite Kenningtons I believe that there may have been very good personal reasons for her opposition namely the fact that she lives on Romford Road and perhaps did not want to have the value of her home or attractiveness harmed by the building of more modern homes on the site of the development. As for Maureen Pearce getting back in, with the amount of canvassers out and running scared every night and weekend on a £600 budget, they could have got Lord Lucan riding on Shergar elected as local councillor!!! As for Mr Anderson that the Tory group have elected as the new leader lets hope that he applies the ethos of his high Tory friends at the Foreign and Commonwealth office and Tory Central Office in clearing out the bad elements from the Tory group! You know the ones that have been constantly in the press. I understand that Mr Anderson is a good and God fearing christian and it is to be hoped that he will true to his charge from Central Office clear out and have a cull of the old elements within the Tory Group over the coming year.

  5. Why is it that some (very clearly) Socialist poster’s on this sight are so full of bile toward anything not Socialist. Whether they like it, or not, Tories were voted in over large parts of Thurrock. It’s simply not good enough to to attack political personalities in such a spiteful manner purely for not being Socialist. It is entirely possible to talk about politics in Thurrock without smearing the politico’s, except that
    seems to be beyond a lot of yourthurrock poster’s. By all means criticize the policies if you don’t agree with them but can we at least try and be civilised and not spout such spite at the personalities involved?


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