New Tory leader lays out his vision for the future of Thurrock

BY NEXT week, Stanford East and Corringham Town councillor Phil Anderson could be the leader of Thurrock Council. Some people are surprised that a councillor with just over a years experience could be the head of a multi-million pound organisation.

However, a CV that includes: Managing Consultant at Foreign and Commonwealth Office; Senior Consultant at GlaxoSmithKline; Assets & Divestment project manager at GlaxoSmithKline; Engineering Technical Manager at Courtaulds Packaging Betts UK Ltd ; Production Manager at Courtaulds Packaging Betts UK Ltd illustrates that if printers and taxi drivers can do it, then maybe Phil can do it.

Cllr Anderson’s present occupation is listed as “Project Director at House of Commons”. Conspiracy theorists believe that Phil has been sent on a mission by Westminster to sort out the “embarrassing mess” called the Thurrock Conservatives.

YourThurrock sat down with cllr Anderson to let him explain how he envisaged the Tory group under his leadership. In a long interview, we discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the group; the key issues for the borough and what he had learned in the first year.

There is no doubt that in a strange way, Labour will look to bring up Phil’s christian faith as some form of achilles heel.

Both parties are in discussions with the East Tilbury councillors, Concerned Conservative Ian Harrison and outgoing Mayor Anne Cheale as their votes next week at the annual council meeting are vital.

Last year, cllr Anderson tweeted: “If the new Mayor of Thurrock’s £20k allowance was paid as 30 pieces of silver, each piece would weigh 1.7kg” Cllr anderson tells us in the interview how he has had several meetings with the mayor and tried to understand her thinking and motivation behind her decisions. Whether the Mayor has taken kindly to being compared to Judas Iscariot or effect her political decision-making: Only time will tell.

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