Sunday, January 29, 2023

Your Voice: Siobhan Omoruyi and EJ

ARE WE saving the best to last: who can say? It certainly isn’t our job to judge as the point of Your Voice, as we have said before, is to showcase developing talent and not to hothouse them.

Having said that, this is the fifth time that we have filmed Gateway Academy student Siobhan Omoruyi and we think you all agree that she is a very special singer indeed.

Her voice is a work of art on its own but even in the last year, Siobhan has learned to look more and more relaxed on stage.

Let us not forget EJ, whose sweet sonorous voice compliments Siobhan perfectly.

This is the final Your Voice film. You can find them all if you go to Enertainment at the top of the page and press for the drop down menu.

YV will be back in October.


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