Karis May Darling Choir set to join Blake on stage

CLASSICAL boyband Blake have invited the Karis May Darling Choir to join them on stage this Saturday in order to help promote the foundations charity single “No-one But You”.

The award winning choir from St Clere’s school will be backing the “classical boyband” for a few songs but in a very generous move by the band, they will be given their own spot at the concert at the Towngate Theatre on Saturday June 4th.

It will be a busy day for the group led by St Clere’s teacher, Jo Nyland. In the morning, they will be outside Tescos at Pitsea performing and raising money for the Foundation, formed after the tragic death of the Year 8, Gable Hall student a few months ago.

There will also be a variety day at Gable Hall on July 9th. More details to come.

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