Monday, January 30, 2023

Super Saturday for St Clere’s and Karis May Darling Foundation

THE DAY began with a massive fund raising effort in the foyer of Tesco’s in Pitsea as the Karis May Darling Foundation were joined by the St Clere’s singers.

Later that evening the singers joined Royal Wedding favourites Blake at the Towngate Theatre. The singers had impressed so much that they were given their own solo slot.

Teacher Jo Nyland said: “The guys from Blake were so personable and they really made the kids feel at ease.

Humphrey from Blake also announced about the work the choir are doing to raise money for the Karis May Darling Foundation, and that they had been out singing all day, and he said “we would encourage you all to support the choir and buy the CD as this is such a great cause and such a tragic story”.

Not only were the kids great performers but also great ambassadors for the school.

We also sold 65 CD’s and also raised £626 at Tescos, after 5 hours of performing!


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