Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Future of children’s centres up for debate

THURROCK Council is seeking people’s views on the future development of children’s centres in the borough.

The consultation started on Monday (13 June) and runs until (2 September).

Cllr Oliver Gerrish, Thurrock’s cabinet member for children’s services, explained: “In March cabinet agreed this consultation should go ahead. Government funding has been significantly reduced and we need to ensure the services are targeted to children and families in greatest need.

“This consultation is about asking local people for their views about changes to the services we offer and the best places to offer them.”

He added: “We want to use the funding for centres as intelligently as possible and make sure services are available for those who need them.”

All the children’s centres in Thurrock are currently managed by the council, however across the country many are run by private or voluntary organisations and this has worked well in terms of the range of services provided and also in reducing costs.

The aim of the consultation is to focus funding on children’s centres in areas of greatest need; operating a combination of commissioned, independent and council-funded centres; maintaining fewer centres; sharing management arrangements across the centres; and reducing management and administration costs.

Residents wishing to take part in the consultation can access it in the following ways: through the website (www.thurrock.gov.uk), a link is on the home page; by picking up a consultation form at your local library, health clinic or children’s centre; or by attending one of the consultation events that will be advertised at local children’s centres.


  1. Another Tory election pledge broken. We will protect childrens centres promised David Cameron. Once elected he took away the ring fenced money and cut the budget leaving them wide open to be closed.

    The closing of any childrens centre will be a very sad day for any child in Thurrock – lets hope the consultation targets those that need them most as they will be the ones who would generally not get involved in these processes and their children will be the ones that need them most.


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