Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Les Miserables star wows Community Chest night at Park Inn

WHEN the venerable Neil Speight said he was going to bring a star of Les Miserables to a Community Chest dinner, then many thought he wouldn’t pull it off. Indeed some cynics who had endured working with Mr Speight as he bellowed “Master of the House’ from his desk, thought this was all a ruse for a “Well, I’ll just step in” moment.

But Neil pulled it off. A fantastic night was had by one and all at the Park Inn, North Stifford as Phil Cavill entertained a sizable crowd who had gathered to help out one of the best causes in the borough.

Over £600 was raised on the night.

Special mention goes to Thurrock music teacher, Shana Elliot-Hayers who stepped in at the last minute and performed wonderfully.


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